Hello Bryant I believe I solved the problem here!!! Monday, October 28, 5: Printing a long table in reports. But with Shrinking Budgets and more work that is easily handled per day things can get missed and the Auto Updates be allowed to run to save time and effort. Promoting Customizations from one environment to another. This is on a 3rd party application so we don’t know the internals of how it functions. How to get log files from a Remote Computer.

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Domain validation fails during User setup, but doesn’t give the failure reason.

Where can I find the diagnostic log files on a handheld device? How to get log wql from a Remote Computer. You can’t post events. This process holds up network communications at low driver level for a few split seconds too, making it look like there was a problem with the link, but it’s actually not. Newly created and updated Online Indicators are not taken readings as expected.

Is odvc a limitation to the amount of data that can be downloaded to a handheld device? Altering summary configurations for Strategy Development. I looked for solution and got suggestions like database performance issue, network connectivity issue which I checked and working fine. You can’t edit other events.


You should always do things manually as that way you retain control over what is happening and know where to start to look when something goes wrong. Support for Outlook Outlook on pre Either the component that raises this event is odc installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted.

Check your network documentation.

sqlstate = 08S01 [microsoft][odbc sqlserver]communication link failure – TechRepublic

Indicator alarms from child level assets not showing in hierarchy and 3D drawings. Export to Excel incomplete. To test if this is happening a reboot will do and if the problem disappears for a while then you’ll have to start looking at a possible problem on odbf File Server which is failing to release connections from connected computers when they log off. Email notifications not being sent.

Frequent odbc communication link failure

Remove From My Forums. I’m glad your issue is resolved. Here I am again.

Wednesday, January 11, 1: Action scheduler service would not start due to reference to a missing defeatured APM wql. I’ve got a customer with the same issue. APM Remote freezes when taking Photo is the attachment path not defined. Microsoft provided the following explanation of the error, and a condition when this error may be returned by SQL Server: Case Foundation Process Engine.


Indicator instance will not open. Remote synchronization fails due to duplicate indicator state.

MS SQL Server error #08S01 | GeoNet

Checksheet menu, Export seerver Excel, does not complete. Windows is humming along, gets wind of a few devices it knows about going AWOL, has to engage the hardware management subsystem to go and verify who’s there and who not and make status change notifications to other subsystems as necessary PO Comments locked once PO is approved.

Lets start at the beginning. You can download attachments. Deleting Indicator states and creating new results in “State already exists” error.