I am using backtrack 4 in vmware here is my problem root bt: Wonder where the rpm command is on fc5. View all comments or add a comment. Removed the RT73 from my system. Any drivers reported working? I still get a complete system freeze as soon as I activate the wlg.

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Did you download the tar.

This page was last edited on 28 Octoberat I noticed my interfaces file was a little empty so 11g-rt25000 added auto wlan0 iface wlan0 inet dhcp gateway Before that I was trying out a few distros before I decided to go back to the Xubuntu I know and love.

This driver worked okay for me, but I found this one works better: A soft reboot may not reset your wireless card to the proper state.

Ralink RT2500 Free Driver Download (Official)

This is a simple guide for all Ralink based wireless adapters and everyone who wants to replace the Linux driver with “ndiswrapper” e. Any advice on how I can make modprobe pick up my module? Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls. The sign tells the machine that line is just a comment. Once you get such a connection, you can then try to add security.


Hmm I’m having problems with the rt There was a call for maintainers for those drivers, but nobody was interested in that job.

Download driver Ralink RT2500 Wireless LAN Card

Look inside the ascii support file. Beebock richard-theraefamily wrote on With a little tweaking of my own And I think I found the problem as well: Ben Collins ben-collins on Well I now have a fresh install of hardy that I am going to treat very gently now.

Complete lock-up when activating the interface on Dapper.

Right now, my options seem to be: The greenhorn combines a few advanced features that bring the communication with various devices to a higher level. Hi there, thank you but yes with little joy, it doesn’t even seem 11g-rt250 be making any attempt to contact the router, I can’t see it in my ‘attached devices’ list.

I am adding this for eee box b users who have installed ubuntu 8. What am I missing? Indeed, so far I’m unable to get a list of access points using the “wireless configuration utility”. As requested here’s those output files.

This has happened in the past but it’s usually resolved with reboots. I’ll have to try to remember that for next time.

I have no particular knowledge about the rtl, and so I’m mainly going by the information in this post: I’ve an MSI Notebook with a RaLink RT61 card 64bits ubuntu I’ve tried to install the Windows drivers following this tutorial and I’ve tried a 32bits XP driver, a 64bits Vista driver, they’ve all installed correctly, but when I reboot the wlan0 device dissapear, so I’m 11h-rt2500 it doesn’t work.


There is no need to install Windows drivers for many people.

rtusb – Debian Wiki

Bjorn Inge Berg bjorningevb on So my guess is that wicd has been configured to look for a DHCP connection. It probably means nothing since we don’t know where you are, but why tempt fate?

Still no go for the adapter. Well that is indeed a valid point, but we don’t have any plans to make a new release at this moment.

If a device ID is not listed, but the chipset is supported by an existent kernel module, it may be possible to get the device operational by loading the kernel module manually and then feeding it the new ID.