Jul 20, 2. By Amp Kat in forum Guitar Effects. These tubes have lower voltage gain and different frequency responses, particurlarly when distorting. Negative feedback loop The negative feedback loop can easily be tweaked to alter the treble cut and distortion in your amp. Blue Strat , Aug 22, The tone gets less harsh and you still have a noticeable effect.

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AT7 has lower gain about 70 compared to of an AX7.

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What was Leo thinking? Now that raises my eyebrows.

The AB tremolo circuit acts as an automatic wavering volume control and acts directly on the guitar audio signal. Your name or email address: Please be aware of that using gz34 or diode rectifier will wear you 6v6 power tubes faster than with a 5u4gb due to the higher plate voltage. Use the K resistor on the Reverb Level pot to adjust your reverb signal.

The tremolo circuit bleeds the guitar audio signal to ground by a light dependant resistor LDR in the opto-isolator or opto-coupler, often called the ‘roach’ because it looks like a bug. Anyway, you need to try for yourself and see if you prefer an oxford speaker in the PR or if you need more volume and punch.


I think by decreasing the screen resistor output power should increase.

Add Reverb & Tremolo

This circuit is also based on the AA Blackface Princeton Reverb and is best used for small power tubes like the 6V6 and EL84 using fixed bias. I don’t have such an amp Choosing the 2 ohm output with a 8 ohm speaker will attenuate the volume a lot. I tried a 12AT7 in the same circuit and sounded weak at the recovery side which is to be expected. Then wire the 2 or 4 ohm tap to the ext speaker jack. Try this surf setting and you’ll have a blast: You should experiment with different cap values.

My client was much happier with the reverb operation after I changed the drive to the EL84, and just used half of the 12AX7 in the pick-up stage. I would appreciate if someone explains rveerb. So why increase the threashold of tube heaven?

These amps require a careful touch when dialling in the reverb, which irritates us. I have a Silkyn Super I only looked at the 17″?

The red Tele is played through a Deluxe Reverb. The dry signal bypasses this circuit through the ‘tap circuit’ made up of the paralleled 3. Are we saying reberb a 12at7 has even smaller ball than an ax7? The reverb pans listed below have insulated inputs.


The 12sx7 meg grid leak may be high. Yes, we mean the Deluxe Reverb OT. You must log in or sign up to reply here. I plan on mapping the circuit out by marking up the engel schematic has ss reverb. A distorted signal will have higher harmonic frequencies that may come out sharp and brittle through bright and sparkling speakers.

In both long and medium delay, the 6 spring tanks were MUCH better than the 4 spring units.

What’s a good 12AX7 reverb driver tube? | The Gear Page

The vintage Jensen C10n Princeton Reverbs are rare and during the silverface era most Princeton Reverbs were equipped with the Oxford speakers. Most importantly the tone gets rougher and rawer with more mids and higher frequencies, aka presence.

The guitar signal is tapped just before the k channel mixing resistor and phase inverter. Can you help me hook up a Tube Driver?