Monday, December 22, , 5: We can help you intrerpret them. Each asic function enter and exit without errors. Search everywhere only in this topic. On Mon, 22 Dec The forth byte tells the.

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Mustek Bear Paw 2448cu Pro II Scanner

On Mon, 22 Dec But I don’t understand the meaning of that red image. The second byte is 44 which says we are going mutek start at register number I can’t find a good data sheet for the SQ chip. I have also done some snoops on the genesys backend in which a single registry is written at a time. The first four bytes are commands and the rest are settings for individual registers on the microprocessor chip sometimes called an ASIC for application specific integrated circuit.

2448xu believe that the CCD’s use a single white light, but the CIS detectors use alternating blue green and red colored light. I’ll write to the manufacturer for datasheet. 244c8u BearPaw CU pro. Monday, December 22,5: Sunday, December 21,9: Hopefully, by doing a usb snoop, we can figure out how to change change the settings to work on your scanner.


It doesn’t give a description of what each register does.

SANE – Dev – Mustek BearPaw CU pro

When I try to scan mustk xsane leds get on, motor moves and suddenly stops with a long beep. Also, there are parsing tools available on the sane website that can convert your log to a more human readable output.

Snoop logs are too big to post here, so you will need to find a free web site to post them to. It seems that chip is sqc and not sqa but maybe they are similar.

Mustek BearPaw CU Pro | IT History Society

The forth byte tells the chip to expect 1b bytes that’s 27 in decimal. Free forum by Nabble. What could I do at this point? I spent a lot of time mustsk for datasheet with no success. There was a thread about this same scanner last month.

Each asic function enter and exit without errors. It doesn’t depend on what I put on the scanner. The above is an example of a prl registry write, because multiple regesties are being written to in a single URB command.


The actual snoop logs are much longer and more complicated. Search everywhere only in this topic.

Mustek | Scanner

I found a 3 page datasheet that is more like a marketing brochure. Next you are going to have to do some usb snooping on a windows machine using either http: I think I won’t be able to read snoop logs.

The usb snoop logs are going to have a lot of numbers that don’t make much sense 2448fu first. I think that your red image is probably because you are using the settings for a CCD detector on a scanner with a CIS detector. We can help you intrerpret them. If you study them long enough, you will start to see a patterns. On this scanner registries are written to one at a time.