Any quirks to having a 9x driver loaded? These settings are for experienced users. Il driver FastVoodoo2 4. Apr 8, Posts: Creative 3D Blaster V2. All Intel chipsets up to P35 included are fine, I haven’t tried more recent ones. Mon Jan 26, 6:

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Mip levels are pre scaled texture maps that are appropriate for polygons of 3dffx distances away from the viewer. Other info and fixed bugs list is in driver release notes.

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Join the community hereit only takes a minute. Please note that overclock is potentially dangerous for your card: Cooling – unless running V2 in Pentium MMX or something like that, I strongly suggest to use some cooling vooxoo2 pointing towards the cards.

Includes Kools moky’s Glide up dates Source: Because accessing to external memory reduces memory bandwidth and steals it to the other rendering actions a drop in the number of fps occurs.


For V2, there are passive coolers on eBay. This control allows you to adjust the refresh rates used by many 3dfs running on 3dfx Voodoo2. Voodoo2 can only do Edge AntiAliasing: Users browsing this forum: The individual checkboxes are described in greater detail below. One way to describe the advantage is that the CPU and 3D card are not as tightly linked with triple buffering which can lead to some performance gains due to work done in 3dfs.

Voodoo2 and WinXP

Give these a look too. Once you are certain Voodoo2 is installed properly in its slot, secure it with a screw.

Most people just send me to voodoofiles.

When selected, Glide applications will limit the use of texture memory to 2 MBytes for each texture mapping unit. Bangkok, the most beautiful women you have ever seen in your life are absolutely common place here. Tue Jan 27, 3: DirectX 5 Driver, supplied by: The tearing occurs when portions of two or more frames which represent the scene at different simulated times or viewpoints are shown together in a single refresh of the display.


You may want to label your computer’s cables before disconnecting them. This is most likely caused by directx 9c.

When the window opens, scroll or browse until you see the Control Panel folder. Disclaimer Use at your own Risk!

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Or is this in the realm of “this may be a problem you encounter and if so, here’s the fix”? Board index All times are UTC. Nuova release voodoi2 serie FastVoodoo2: WhitetigerX7’s modified Driver combine s V1.

To 3dfx, gone but never forgotten. To our tireless beta testers. To open the control panel: This can increase the visual quality in some games. Unfortunately the Q3D driver does not work on K7 either, just like the original V2 driver.