You may need to repeat this for the shortcut on the Start Menu. Also to access any modules in the car, the car ignition needs to be turned on. DId not want to plug in unknow cable to new car. If you do not see a Serial Number, but instead see a message that says: Finally there are a few changes you need to make to get the software up and running.

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You may need a manifying lens though to see what type it is!

Poole, England TDI s: If you buy any of our current interfaces software activation is not required! Sending us an invalid Serial Number or entering an invalid Activation Code can be very frustrating for everyone involved. We try to process all activation requests as quickly as possible.

I think from memory that the port changing is under the advanced settings. Tonight I am going to plug it in Fabia and see.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Also see my post in this thread about the same vag-con Once you have verified the cable works you can purchase the license. Once you have changed the installation location, click install, and wait for it to complete installation.


Plug cable into any computer’s USB port. It has been extensively tested, but we cannot guarantee it will work correctly with every system in every car. I may have to shell out for one because it looks really pukka. Many e-mail program display mail in Courier, which is the font in this paragraph.

Click [ Options ] and select the correct communicationsport. Move onto next step below I decided to call FTDI this afternoon and the guy there was massively helpful if walking me through the changes. It give me an error Port ok, interface not found.

Ross-Tech: VCDS-Lite: Download

Please note these instructions are only intended for use with our own Gendan brand KKL interfaces, and we cannot guarantee their suitability with other cables.

Then while your cable is connected to the computer — go Device Manager. DO NOT connect cable to your computer yet. The default installation folder is C: Please use Copy and Paste with all serial numbers and activation codes to avoid typographical errors!


Once you’ve selected vag-xom port, click Test, then OK. Would be very grateful for any suggestions Vagcom am trying to use this cable on Vag-Com version.

The installer may not give a confirmation window – it may just disappear when it is finished.

Send a private message to yuz When you change the port setting it will work. So when you see the screen showing the location for installation, change it to another folder, e.

Installing VAG-COM 409.1 on Windows 7

You can adjust your cookie settingsotherwise we’ll assume you’re okay to continue. In order to get access to some of the more advanced functions, will need to register and activate the software.

March 2nd, Then select the location where you unextracted Driver Pack 2.