No popup ads, etc I set my motor voltage to 42v. I somehow totally missed the chart in the schematic, LOL. Results 25 to 33 of I’m working with Luc on that now.

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I tried the shake reduction tool in Youtube and it made it like the bit was a wet noodle, bending and twisting all over I’ll have to add that idea to the docs. Then added a bit about using tape to hold down the SMT parts.

Are their other users not getting good speeds? So glad to see it running!

Did you hear bad things? Just like to support open source electronics?

THB6064 Single Axis Stepper Motor Driver Board

I just figured if I never started, I’d definitely never finish so I decided to dive in “somewhere”. I’ll have to add it up someday. Here is a video on the assembly. Mach3 setupEMC 2 setup Datasheet pdf.

THB Single Axis Stepper Motor Driver Board

I’m the Tool that turns a simple task in to a project. Instead, use the link box to link to another page. Open Source Controller Boards. Same fit on and off axis too so it’s not egg shaped. Confirmed that the pots are labeled M I’m moving, but having some trouble setting max current on my setup.


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I can’t adjust to 2. The silk has a nice diagram of the LED overlaid on the transistor diagram so I think that part is about as good as it gets. I had looked at some other options all in one kits, packages, cheapie eBay stuff and mostly the looked stepler it would be just barely behind in power and specs but had the advantage of being a modular design plus I was looking to dive in to electronics more at the time as well.

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Not that I’m complaining of course What motor voltage are you running? Honestly Troy, I don’t set it by the calculation: IndustryArena uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. And stepper stepoer can be strong and cheap.

Stepper motors CAN be smooth! I always just adjust it to the lowest setting, fire up, start the motors spinning, and then crank it up until they move reliably. My greatest fear is someday my wife will sell it for what Steppe told her I paid for it The steppers seem to be working just fine, although I don’t have a 664 load to put on them at the moment they seem strong enough to do the job.


Right now, that is just a parts pile. That 1″ circle was as close as I could measure, so within. LOL, “The machine” doesn’t exist yet It’s the same as the one on the schematic at: I’m the Tool that turns a simple task in to a project.