No sound from any of these three options using dscaler. Search for and download the “btwincap” drivers. SAA I2C 0x22 is supported. All times are GMT – 8 Hours. TV – Wonder VE.

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Any ideas where I might go to progress my search Mark Intervision IV – capture only bt8x8. Provideo and Phillips PAL? Multi Capture Card Bt Display posts from previous: Vegetto34 Previously I tried a number of other applications and drivers.

AVEC Intercapture bttea PixelView Capture – Model: Intervision IV – bt8x8. Intervision IV – zoran.

KW – Bt capture only. I have checked the mixer is not muted in control panel but still no sound. One thing you could do, is to try and select all the different cards in the dscaler setup, without changing the tuner IC e. Terra TValue Version 1. Mixer line is line-in. Typhoon Rev.3t card series: Hi tarambuka The site you posted is where I found the pvstv.


STB Gateway bt Cable – Surfer 2. But first, try it on your own. But still, if you want to use other software, and capture video, and etc, you’ll have to install them.

Lg Xcess tv Rev 3f |Driver

All other cards only differ by additional components as tunerssound. Buz zrzrsaasaa Mediafocus II saaSat.

KW – Zoran capture only. Very nice card if you only have satellite TV but several tuners connected. A – Max www. SAA I2C 0x22 is supported.

Prolink PV-BT878TV rev. 3F Free Driver Download

INF file, and get them running OK. If you can’t figure it out by yourself, I can set it up and tell you what to do exactly. Media – Surfer esc – kathrein. Just came across dscaler today. DC50 zrzrzrsaaadv 2 reg.3f

All 3 select the same tuner philips pal-i so a guess that is right. The naming of these series differs in time and space.