In some operating systems, the program willalso have a copy of CPU registers. Hi, There are several possible reasons. On the otherhand, Linux and UNIX have a number of vendors who implement the standard inslightly different ways. This function returns a databaseobject which is essentially a reference to the database that is currently open. Queryis the only required input for this method.

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Agilent XX Series Analyzer – IEEE (GPIB) Driver for LabVIEW – National Instruments

This argument determines if the call will be synchronous orasynchronous. If the leading bit of the number is set, then an error condition is present. In the event an executingthread becomes blocked, it will be moved into the inactive queue, which will beexplained shortly. Under the tools menu, select References. Controls that do not have code size restrictions or strict executionspeed requirements can be written in Visual Basic. The loop is auto-indexedto execute as many times as there are elements.

For this reason we created a separate enu-merated type control for user input that will be converted to the appropriate enumerated type.

We could open an existing project, save a project or apply the settings. I want to design a measurement device, which can comunicate with PC via gpib interface.


I don’t want to pay them just for a single test. Inside the For loop is an Invoke node with the Execute method selected.

I have controlled spectrum analyser 2. Hi, I am having trouble with my laptop communicating with the spectrum Analyzer using NI gpib commands from matlab. It is impossible for the oper-ating system to know when a signal will be generated to unblock a thread.

The syntax forthis command is as follows: They are created at the request of programs and are used toprotect sections of memory. This property happened tohave ID 3.


Sir, I have a gpib cable which has labviea ports both sides are same i. The differences in behavior ofWindows NT line and Windows 9x are usually not obvious to most users.

This error code is the dispatch interface errorand indicates that the control itself probably has a bug. The next method that is executed is CurrentDb.

Code modules are the basic building blocksof executable code in the world of Visual Basic. This may help if you don’t have it already.

Controls thatonly have one interface will not completely support late binding. It is impossible for the operatingsystem to determine if data protected by the mutex is in a transient state and wouldcause problems if another thread were given control of the data. If the operating system does not support security features Windows 9X andMEthen it does not fully support.


Because variants can contain any type, we can pass integers, strings, arrays of anydimension, and clusters as well. Here we select theFading Simulation Project. For this example we will be focusing on using the signal generator to fade aradio frequency RF signal.

Index of /doc/HP_Agilent_Keysight/

The inputs to the software can come from simulated hardware, the Advanced DesignSystem ADSor from actual test equipment. The line of code we gave did not include a path to theVI. There is alot involved in setting up this instrument for taking measurements on modulatedsignals.

Be aware of odd-looking error codes. In reality, you are not 889441a controlling the instrumentdirectly; you are controlling an application that controls the instrument. Queryis the only required input for this method.