I would appreciate it if you commented, even though you probably hate these kinda questions!!!! I was very impressed with the feel of the driver I had bought a Titleist 3 wood and Hybrid about a month a half ago for the same reason and the ball flight I was getting, not to mention the distance. Thanks erik for all your work with your reviews, you are the best! I got it sent back to Titleist and when i got it back it had a rattle noise in the head where some glue was loose so Titleist ended up giving me a brand new driver. I purchased a D2 driver last year after coming across the sand trap review by accident and absolutely love it.

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I recommend this to any mid to low handicapper. Is it still in the bag?

Titleist 909D2/909D3 Driver Review

If you are looking for launch this is the driver to yitleist for. Notify me of new posts by email. I play off of 2 and just like the small conventional head of the D3 and the way it can shape the ball.

Enough with the hype, by far one of the best Titleist drivers ever In order to square up the driver, is it a matter of just twisting the club by. I could launch the ball a teeny bit higher than I wanted, but with the right amount of spin, or I could hit the ball on the trajectory I wanted but with a bit too much backspin. Every bit as long as the ft-5, only with better looks, sound and feel.


Only conclusion was they match the competition and need to all be tried in a controlled environment. I have just put a D3 8. Not only is the club all that I though it would be as far as performance goes, but I immediately felt comfortable knowing that this driver would do what I told it to do, and not putting a limit on my game. Dec 13, 44 Comments.

Titleist D2/D3 Driver Review (Clubs, Hot Topics, Review) – The Sand Trap

Just spent the afternoon on tigleist flight simulator. The D3 is again 20cc smaller, and the difference is subtle, but noticeable if you look for it or set the two models side by side. With stock staff both drove clubs petty much the same. Are these user changable? It will be a mixture of titanium and composite materials.

D-Comp Driver: How forgiving? – Golf Clubs – Team Titleist

No other driver can match the explosive power off the tee. I jumped into the Titleist fold earlier this year. Righties also get an Anyone need a used Mizuno MX?

Even with the smaller cc head, the D3 performed admirably. HI Erik, great review. I prefer the r based on what seems to be a draw bias for my natural swing.


I am not looking back at all after bombing multiple yd drives today. The reduction in backspin alone is more than enough for me to keep it, and I still like the looks and feel. 909dcopm previously played the Cleavland Hi-bore XL.

Titleist 909 D Comps

A milled formed titanium face insert that 909dco,p variable thickness, including a thicker trapezoidal shape near the center surrounded by thinner material to maximize ball speed across the face. Swing speed is So erik, with the d2 having moi and the d3 having moi, was there a big difference in forgiveness between these two models when you would not hit in the sweet spot?

titelist Hit that too low. Have always heard that Titleist Drivers are not forgiving at all. With the proper shaft any Titleist driver is superior to almost anything out there R9….

If you got a chance to hit it, how did it perform in terms of feel, forgiveness, etc? It’s like driving a Bentley – oppulent, satisfying, unreal.