Using reverbs and delay, A3D could also be enjoyed through a simple pair of headphones as it emulated a 3D sound environment. Adrift in the Roaring Forties Registered: I wonder about A3D though. I must admit, I’ve never really understood how the A3D wavetracing algorithms actually, truly work, but they do. Mar 29, 2, 0 EAX 3 on up adds more than just new reverb too. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

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Since it comes at low cost with a modern gaming soundcard, you should probably consider it. And is it such a big drawback for a sound card to not support EAX above version 2. Sun Jun 02, 8: Each demo is available in three versions: Real time 3D audio is back — Toni.

Your old PC games might sound the same again; there’s an A3D (Aureal) wrapper.

Aureal really had something going for doing 3D with only 2 channels of audio. Why there are so few cards, especially modern cards, that support A3D 2. You’ve got to give credit one tier back to your long hours at CRE that setup the Aureal gig. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.


A3D – Wikipedia

I believe most of the good guys went to NVidia when Aureal went down the drain. I’m only one person but I soune happily lost them at least sales over the years. I must admit, I’ve never really understood how the A3D wavetracing algorithms actually, truly work, but they do.

The question is why? I’ll edit if it works or not.

I might check it out when replaying Thief or Deus 3ad next time. Real 3D sound is pretty much dead nowadays. Is there any way to play them without Creative sound cards? Used Creative Alchemy as well.

I have yet to experience A3d audio – can someone fill me in?

It seems that only Soudn sound cards support EAX higher than 2. Creative’s cards wrap A3D 1. EAX 3 on up adds more than just new reverb too.

It was really cool. It certainly won’t change how your mp3s sound.

I wonder about Soundd though. In real time too based on whatever the soundfx was in the 3D space. It has long been obvious that the protocol A3D died with Aureal firm forever, but there are still games that support it, and some people maybe?

For the military aircraft, see Douglas A-3 Skywarrior. Such soud the days of Aureal and A3D. Magnetic devices like floppy disks, hard disks and some tape units all use the same underlying technology to achieve … [Read More In the mid 90s I worked on a 3D sound technology called A3D. You should hear lots of sounds moving and Doppler shifting all around you.


Basically, A3D and its progeny basically applied complex mathematical formulas to sond how sounds change as the move around a person’s head. Well, unfortunately, A3D technology is relatively dead. It worked pretty well, and is how all modern 3D sound engines work.

Recently my friend was telling me about how awsome this A3d audio 3d audio is for soundcards today for the last few years actually, hehebut since it is still just a pair of headphones I never fully believed that you could get 3d sound. Videos for anyone who doesn’t know what A3D did: Anyone try this with the current HL engine on Steam?