The next model was a fully three-dimensional model GF6 which simulates bothbarotropic and baroclinic processes. The actual allocation that we will determine for the notes may differ from this hypothetical allocation, and will depend upon a variety of factors, including actual market conditions and our borrowing costs for debt instruments of comparable maturities on the Pricing Date. The simple analytical tidal rectification model of Butman et al. Theseventh layer has lighter water in the southeast and northwest and heavier water in thesouthwest and northeast. When theyare included, their contribution is somewhat out of phase with respect to that generatedby the I -O interaction, and the result is a smaller Mf in the Strait. Units are in 10—8 m2 s.

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Any representation to the contrary is a criminal offense. As can be noted in the table, the first two layers of the model, representing the top 15 mof the water column, can not be compared with the observations.

Any of these hedging or trading activities as of the Pricing Date and during the term of the notes could adversely affect our payment to you at maturity. In this special case of an f-plane the results are the same either way Foremanand Bennett, Note that LSri is retained, since thestresses depend on the layer, i. A multi-layer model of the Strait of Georgia data corresponding to the month of January, instead of June see Figure 3.

This result indicates that the barotropic component is smallin the model but not as small as the results from the 2-D model. Briefly, the main characteristics of the model residual currents are as follows: In each of the regions there is a large degree of cancellation between advection andeddy diffusion terms.


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An inspection mf-n2a these figures, andothers of the total flow not shownsuggest that a five-fold decrease in the viscosityfrom the control value, and hence a doubling of the mean residual mv-n2s with littlestructural change can be accommodated before any significant degradation of the totalflow in the region is seen.

Power spectra of the data of a the Fraser River discharge and b and c of the U, and V, components of the wind, respectively, in the central Strait of Georgia.

Lifespan Lifespan score reflects how long you feel this hardware will last and perform its function. Note that the correlation at stationsChapter 3. The difference between the two runs is evident in the first threelayers.

The following classification can be made: To do this, the continuityequation 3. Maximumvalues can be an order of magnitude larger at extreme tides. The solid vertical lines give the timeof the extreme neap tides approximately one per month and the dashedvertical lines give the times when contour plots are presented in subsequentfigures days,and Evidence of nonlinear interactionbetween wind and tidally forced motions have been reported in Stacey et al.

The contour interval is 1. A simple spatial average reduces the imbalanceand the role played by the different terms in the equations remains unchanged. As a result, the price, if any, at which JPMSI will be willing to purchase notes from you in secondary market transactions, if at all, will likely be lower than the original issue price and any sale prior to maturity could result in a substantial loss to you. The next model was a fully three-dimensional model GF6 which simulates bothbarotropic and baroclinic processes.


These residual motions constitute the subject of this study. Recall thatthe last two letters have the following meaning: To illustrate the spatial structure of the residual I present in Figure 2.

A multi-layer model of the Strait of Georgia 62Chapter 3. For plotting purposes, the pressure values of each layer have been obtained by subtractingfrom the total pressure of each layer a pressure value close to the minimumpressure of that layer; these values are shown at the bottom right cornerof the figure Therefore, the 3-D model performance with respect to the time-averaged residualis poor at this stage.

In this part of the study, I will continue to focus in the central part of the Straitof Georgia. List item the third Press return twice to finish your list.

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Looking only to those sameconstituents used by Stacey et al. However the equations that govern the numerical model are thediscretized momentum equations rather than the continuous momentum equations. While horizontal diffusion of residual energy is usually a large term, for this layer andgridpoint it is small.

Thinlines correspond to the residual and thick lines to the tidal components. In Chapter 2, the tidal forcing came through onlythe 5 dominant constituents see Table 2.