Backup process is fastest, but data consistency of the applications whose transactions are not completed at the time of taking a snapshot cannot be guaranteed. See also Microsoft TechNet: Skip to main content. Make sure that you specify valid address and that the target folder exists. The request is not supported VSS provider In fact, you need not to remember exact “config” file path.

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See online help for more details.

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Changing default location and size of the cache: See full error text Error code: Whenever the driver sees a write operation directed at the system volume, it checks whether these sectors are already backed-up, if they are not, the driver saves the data on the sectors that will be overwritten to a special buffer created by the software, then it allows the sectors to be acroniss. It also allows to create backups under running Windows with an unlimited number of files open for reading and writing without the necessity to reboot the computer.

Acronis True Image 9. File is larger than the maximum size supported by datastore”. Backup Fails with ”Insufficient storage available to create either the shadow copy storage file or other shadow copy data” Failed to start creating the volume snapshot Insufficient storage available to create either the shadow copy storage file or other shadow copy data snapshot storage Virtual Machine Backup Troubleshooting Guide.


Generally following snapshot errors snspshot occur:.

Backup Fails with ”Insufficient storage available to create either the shadow copy storage file or other shadow copy data”. This option can be useful when you protect Microsoft Exchange Snzpshot with a disk-level backup. Generally the problem can be treated as a partition backup failure only when you also tried to run a file backup of the same source e.

Acronis Snapshot API company: There are several reasons for both disk-level and file-level backup failures. Rosolve the issue as described in these articles: If you’re serious about maximizing disk use and data safety, it’s never been easier to create h As a result, the next differential backup of the SQL Server data will fail.

Backup Fails with “Cannot Continue Backup. Acronis Backup can back up non-supported file systems using the sector-by-sector approach. You need to perform these steps on the machine where Acronis Agent for VMware Windows is or will be installed.

Backup of drives or partitions may fail due to a variety of reasons, but not all reasons are specific to this type of backup. See also Microsoft TechNet: Without reboot, backup from SAN snapshot fails with the error “You do not have access rights to this file”. I have had no more crashes so it seems VSS Doctor did fix something.


See the scheme below:. Recreate the backup plan. Failed to create volume snapshot. Make sure the user specified for the Acronis Managed Machine Service has necessary rights: Otherwise, snapshot creation fails with “Operation with partition terminated.

By default, the full path is: Failed to open initialize the computer: Troubleshooting Acronis virtual appliance issues for ESX. Once Acronis software initializes the backup process of a volume a single partition or a dynamic diskAcronis Snapshot Manager flushes the file system mounted to that volume temporarily freezing all the operations on the system volume.

Acronis Backup: Troubleshooting Disk/Partition Backup Failures | Knowledge Base

If necessary, the size of this temporary file grows from zero until the size available on partition that keeps it. Acronis True Image or simply True Image is a brand name for a line of backup and disk imaging software for Microsoft operating systems, produced by Acronis.

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