New Zealand and Japan, places like that. He was starting up a label but we never heard back from him. Swervedriver formed in the winter of after the break-up of our previous band Shake Appeal. A record label in some ways can be like a bank, I suppose. But to me the aesthetic is so different. I think a lot of my favourite albums have been compilations.

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Adi, yeah Adi [Vines] was the bass player. I guess you just get addicted to those cool, accidental sounds.

FCJ Interview: Adam Franklin of Swervedriver

He was too embarrassed to do that. What was the console? Jimmy Hartridge, Paddy [Pulzer], who was the original drummer, and my brother [Graham Franklin], who was the original singer when we were Shake Appeal. Slade had great b-sides too. And [so he] has the engineer rig something up. In Sanctuary Records released Juggernaut Rides, a Swervedriver retrospective and rarities collection.

Of course they were spontaneous at the time. You’d see a post on Facebook or Twitter where someone’s name would come up and my immediate reaction would be “Oh no, not them! It’s great that you have the option today rather than the “three singles and an album” business model that most labels followed when we first started.


Somebody messaged me about it on Twitter the other night so we contacted this label. David Bowie passed away at the beginning of of course and it seemed to trigger somebody famous dying almost every week. This was I suppose.

Creative Impact: DiS Does Tallinn Mus…

Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Somehow… on the demos I liked it, then in the studio it seemed forced. It wasn’t a very good swing.

Magnetic Morning is a collaboration between myself and Sam Fogarino, the drummer in Interpol. Most bands break up unsatisfactorily. He has horrible night terrors and apocalyptic dreams.

The Feedback Society | » Interview: Swervedriver’s Adam Franklin

You can do whatever the fuck you want to do. She was into doing that kind of stuff while me and drummer Paddy discovered the StoogesMC5alongside my brother and Jimmy discovering it.

After break up, tell us about your projects: A new Swervedriver album?

I play the Lexulous Scrabble — I quite enjoy playing a few games. You mentioned that you tracked the drums at Broadcast Lane in Toronto.

An Interview with Adam Franklin of Swervedriver Swervedrivera quartet out of Oxford, England, began connecting to music fans the world over with a collection of singles that culminated in the release of their debut album Raise in late I thought it was interesting that Lemmy had done that.


The main exposure we got back in the day was touring with Soundgarden, when they were doing an album which was breaking and then two years later, the same thing with Smashing Pumpkins. I was watching that DVD about the making of The Joshua Tree and they were just like everybody else, making their little demos at home on four-tracks and then flying the stuff in.

Check it out here. Whats the concept behind Magnetic Morning? There are certainly things I come up with which the guys in Swervedriver would never go for — which makes things easier!

I mean, it depends on who you end up working with.

So hats off to Matt.