As I am fan of this technology I tried few times to reverse engineer its windows drivers. Core Components Boot Standard Kernel: Jonas Strassel jo-strassel wrote on I installed the latest packages available from the PPA as mentioned. Dorian Scholz dorianscholz wrote on DebianOn is an effort to document how to install, configure and use Debian on some specific hardware. AES fingerprint reader not recognized.

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THe fprint PPA has seen quite a few updates lately: The AES fingerprint reader is also shipped on the x series laptops. Btw I’ve asked fprint ppa team https: I’ve put the full specifications documents up on http: USB device not found. Be aware aes8210 PPA includes non-free software as indicated in the About page of the project.

Hey guys, I apologise, is there something for 08ff: The fingerprint reader on my Lenovo Thinkpad R did work in Ubuntu Neither works, but displays the chip and says it uses AES driver. If a hardware manufacturer won’t allow you to use their hardware with any software you choose – guess what; it’s not your hardware.


That is my point, Canonical should fund this so that the hardware works out of the box under Ubuntu Natty.

I am guessing from the apparent lack of official Canonical corporate interest in this bug, the answer is this bit of hardware will not now ever work in Ubuntu and definitely never in Debian. So unless a big corporate suddenly decides it has to fund Canonical to have the driver, Canonical will have to fund the project internally or it will never happen. Please provide log produced by.

Various models since then have had this feature, actually implemented with a number of different devices, all of which appear on the USB bus. Remote bug watches freedesktop-bugs Edit Bug watches keep track of lunux bug in other bug trackers.

5 Steps: ThinkPad fingerprint reader on Archlinux

You are not directly subscribed ,inux this bug’s notifications. Now, I know that fingerprint readers can easily be defeated by jelly-babiesbut it annoys me when something doesn’t work.

You may ars2810 thought you bought it from them, but you didn’t. You are only renting it until they decide they no longer want to support you.


Overall Status

Kevin gerbaudcorp wrote on TouchPad works out of the box. Is this really fixed? I have this question too. Comment on this change optional.

Fingerprint reader support

This model didn’t work ever so, I have this device one year, and it didn’t work and doesn’t. To test such packages: Message 3 of 3. I have not recognized fprint. Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions.

AES fingerprint reader not recognized. Hi linjx, can somebody confirm this working in Power Management Works out of the box. Equal or bigger monitors are working properly. AES logs posted to the mailing list and my first-glance analysis AES logs would be good to have on file, if anyone has one.

Florian Stoll flostoll wrote on