An Anniversary board that does well. Beginners Guides Cases and Access. This is a rather small form for an I based board. Albatron has built into the fan, three LED’s that blink in a random order. Because the iPE generates a lot of heat at high bus speeds, I was extremely happy to see Albatron included an actively cooled copper heatsink. Ships with the following:

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Acoustically, Albatron have opted to equip the board with on board 5. Albatron have in just a short time, made their mark among enthusiasts and overclockers for producing high quality computer components. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon’s website.

The motherboard is very well labelled and all the headers for USB2. Write a comment below. I complained about it last time and I’ll complain about it again, the floppy drive connector is in a pz845pev location.

What is the final word? The fan headers, of which there are three, are all in good locations and easily accessible. Originally intended to only replace the IE chipset, the IPE proved to be a far superior chip for overclocking. People with windows in the side of their cases will certainly appreciate that! As a result, the IDE connectors are in bad positions behind PCI and some others along the left board’s edge, and when a video card is installed it’s difficult to handle the memory modules.


Albatron PXPEV Pro iPE Based Mainboard

Since January this Taiwanese company have really taken the hardware community by storm. Brief characteristics of the board: All and all, the rest of the board layout is pretty good, and the small size of the PCB will make it easy to install in cramped cases.

Let’s move on and see how the board overclocks. I guess in the “grand scheme” of things this doesn’t make a big difference, but anything that frees up CPU resources, and money in your wallet is a good. The albatorn controllers lna integrated: Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website. Location of the IDE connectors are placed quite sensibly, however, the floppy disk connector is in a rather obscure position.

Relocation to the same area as the 20 pin connector would suffice. Don’t let that distract you though, the board has quite a few on board features. This adds for an impressive effect for case modders.


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Albatron Technology PX845PEV-800 User Manual

This way it is less likely that the cables will not get laj the way of any expansion cards. Beginners Guides Cases and Access. BioShock Infinite and Metro: Previous Page Next Page.

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Albatron PX845PEV-800 Anniversary Edition Motherboard Review

About Us Employment Privacy Policy. As a consumer there isn’t anything to be done about this, but if you have a large case you should know the possible limitations. This keeps the bulky cable from obstructing the heatsink and fan assembly.

Incidently, the sound card also comes with a game controller port. lqn

It doesn’t end there either, the Northbridge fan also includes some multicoloured LED’s so when it’s in operation it will blink in a series of patterns. This is a rather small form for an I based board.