If you know anything about the murder, call Crimestoppers at For now, police say surveillance camera images of the man they’re calling “a person of interest” is their only clue to Husnain’s murder. Donations pouring in for family of slain cabbie. Police chief Mac Dickinson told The Times-Picayune Polite was taken into custody after he refused to take a field sobriety or Breathalyzer test. After that killing, Kerner’s sister and lawmakers pushed for legislation that would make killing a cab driver a death penalty crime in Louisiana.

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Cab drivers are often easy targets for criminals, and Monday was sheer proof of that. Cab drivers have concern despite new law, safety measures.

lai It was unclear whether Thornton has an attorney. Even with stiffer penalties and soon, new safety measures, cab drivers who watched crime lab crews comb their co-worker’s cab don’t feel good about the future.

NOPD pores over surveillance video in cabbie murder

Kazmi says some drivers are realizing how important the cameras will be, saying, “Definitely everything aoi help. New Orleans police have arrested a suspect in last month’s shooting death of a cab driver.

Brian Smith was booked Friday with attempted first-degree murder of a police officer. In Hisnain, the Governor signed off on it. All of those funds are going towards sending Husnain’s body back to Pakistan, where he’s from, to be buried.


Ali Husnain | WWNO

Cwb the NOPD continue to search for the man they say may have information about the killing, United Cab Company is helping to raise much needed money for the victim’s family. For now, police say surveillance camera images of the man they’re calling “a person of interest” is their only clue to Husnain’s murder. According to a family member, Husnain was a husband, father, and United Cab Company driver for three years.

Investigators say Husnain was shot in the back of the head on July 9. Despite new safety measures and a brand-new Louisiana law, they’re very concerned about safety. Now, the cab company is trying to figure out a better way to keep its drivers safe.

Husnain was a husband and a father, according to family and co-workers FOX 8 News spoke with after the shooting.

By Meg Gatto July 17, at 9: That’s the best option we can have that whoever is getting in the cab, they’re on the camera.

NOPD pores over surveillance video in cabbie murder.

We just can’t believe that these things are happening to such nice people,” Lai said. He said robbery is likely the motive. Gary Marchese, commander of the homicide division. I’m thinking about it too. The devastating news has rocked the entire cab community and beyond.


For more information on the account you can contact the Pakistan Community Association at Never had any issues with anybody, friendly. He’s accused of shooting year-old Deputy Michael Scott Boyington, who remains hospitalized.

And investigators believe whoever was in the cab with Husnain pulled the trigger.

Donations pouring in for family of slain cabbie

And Messina said cab drivers have to make split second decisions in sizing up fares before deciding to let them in their vehicles. No matter how all laws and measures are implemented, some believe safety is beyond their control.

Kazmi told us, “Right now city is working for cameras.

It’s been a little over a week since a cab driver was murdered in New Orleans East. Ali Husnain family photo. A surveillance video released Monday shows a man who police believe qli know something about the murder of Ali Husnain. By Shelley Brown July 9, at 5: Thornton was already in prison when he was booked with the murder charge.