The drivers are available on their site. View the current version. And the small scale hobbyists and small companies that used it are now being priced altium parallel port of the market. Existing users Remember me. Keep us posted for further assistance, we are here to assist you. Akheel Ahmed Replied on February 18, If you are installing Altium Designer with SP3 full installation from the recently distributed update disk sent out by Altium, you should not try to install to the same directory as your old version.

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Change the order in which the port signals appear at the click of a button!

Refer the below given article to know how to perform a clean boot in Windows: How to Buy Contact your local sales office to get started on improving your design environment.

Altium Designer Protel When configuring the parallel port unit placed on a schematic sheet, a third piece of information is used when defining the signal — Space After. Please fill out the form below to get your free trial started.

First off, are you or your organization already using Altium Designer?


Parallel Port Driver is not Supported in bit Windows 7 – Microsoft Community

You are viewing an old version of this page. When you are done experimenting, always tell the system to stop plrt to the gpio pin by unexporting it:. When you initially place a parallel port unit a single port interface is defined, with signal name PA[ Making things is awesome.

Multiple parallsl allow you to essentially ‘reprogram’ the parallel port according to the particular development board currently plugged-in to the system. Altera and Xilinx use different pinout specifications.

Parallel port driver is not supported – error message

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[HELP] Problem when installing Altium Designer SP3

A new signal entry will be added to the Signals list. Install any pending Windows updates on the pc to check if that helps. Keep us posted with the status of the issue. How do i check whether an I2C device works?


Short circuit protection in PCB design 5. Video Library Quick and to-the-point video tutorials to get you started with Altium Designer. For more information, click here. Hope this information is helpful. Downloads Take aaltium look at what download options are available to best suit your needs. Upverter is a free community-driven platform designed specifically to meet the needs of makers like you.

Parallel Port Driver is not Supported in 64-bit Windows 7

How to Buy Contact your local sales office to get started improving your design environment. Downloads Take a look at what download options are available to best suit your needs.

Problem with Altium Designer Another possibility is you may have experienced a one-time ;arallel error. Eagle PCB clearance error 2. This helps eliminate software conflicts that occur when you install a program or an update or when you run a program.

As to why you are getting the error – there are several possibilities.