Very easy to manipulate ball flight low, high, fade, draw with he weights set up for straight hits. My old set of clubs was still in good condition but I wasn’t able to hit very well with the drivers as I used to. This set of Accu-Length golf clubs has been designed with proper head weights and lofts for the intended age group. Perhaps should have opted for the larger case so that I could have fit additional items e. Currently playing to a 14 handicap.

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Anything 4ft and in is a gimmie because the ball just will not steer from its’ course. X-Factor Super Zolex Hammer driver turns a tee box into a launch pad. I received my item on the date it was promised.

Playing companions agree that I am driving the ball straighter and much more consistent than I had been. The Odyssey White Hot Sabertooth Putter cub a ‘fang’ design and is one of the most accurate and forgiving putters in golf today. It looks so good that it shamed me into reorganizing and cleaning up the garage that it enhanced.

Posted by Golftips at Plenty of storage and light weight. Thought that, for the price, it was worth the risk. This crack was much smaller than the first one, about the size of my pinky fingernail. Much better than some clubs I have relegated to the back of the closet that cost much more. The stand is easy to use.


Do yourself a favor, zshpos over paying for that driver that you will only use 8 to 9 times a round and invest in a club that will really save strokes where it counts. And alignment could not be easier, place ball between two bars and watch it disappear in the hole.

Was using a golff set of clubs before and finally got these for myself, we both tested them out and agreed they are very good clubs. Its compact head and low profile will deliver great shots off the tee on tight driving holes and provide a high shot for long range approaches.

If I had the time to spare, I hakmer have probalby returned the set, added a few dollars, and purchased another set from another company.

Definite Outlet quality, thus the outlet price! Pretty much glued together with cheap material. Have a nice time i find J. I can really get some club speed going with it. However, it’s nice to pay for a new set and receive a zilex quality new set, free of so many obvious flaws. The hybrids are fine also, I could never hit a 2,3, or 4 iron. The only thing that takes getting used to is the sound of the drivers hitting the ball.


Golf Technologies Air Hammer Drivers

Do yourself a big favor, amazln away from this junk, and buy a used TaylorMade or other name brand from a golf re-sale store. Keep all your golf gear in one place in this Golf Club Storage Rack. I took a chance purchasing this club after reading the description, thinking that I could perhaps add a few yards to my drives.

Do Not Buy This Club!

Giant alligator ‘resembling a dinosaur’ invades golf course

It makes a pretty noticeable noise when you hit the ball, almost like and aluminum bat. Stands upright with out any issues. Swing easy and through and this driver will take you down the center of the fairway.

The irons are fine also. The crown cracked – my second cracked R7. The woods are light and for me easy to swing.

Giant alligator ‘resembling a dinosaur’ invades golf course

Quality control is an issue with me. Do not recommend these to anyone!

Club heads are oversized and are easy to hit, even for beginners or high-handicappers.