I don’t want to let go of my morph AA Page is also pointing to the wrong file ends with nov5 instead of nov9. No support for Vista, FYI. AMD really needs a better web developer. I installed this hotfix last night and enabled MLAA through the control panel.

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AMD Catalyst 10.10e Hotfix Drivers Released – Windows 7 Only

Originally Posted by Quasar12 Just install this version, and I’m having an issue with it. Find More Posts by Sasquach. Find More Posts by spyre. Advertisement Guests Only Login or Register to remove this ad.

Originally Posted by acroig. Installed these yesterday and I haven’t gotten a chance to test other games, but World of Warcraft plays like garbage now. Find More Posts by nutcrackr. Login or Register to remove hotgix ad.

Nov 12, 8. Nov 12, Yes, my password is: Don’t know cataljst going on, it does the same drop when I have the graphics turned all the way down too.


ShieldSquare reCAPTCHA Page

Now that is really so much damn fail Originally Posted by caveman-jim. I search all over AMD and game. I haven’t seen it in there, so who knows.

I think this pink hue issue isn’t really much of an issue.

End0rphineNov 13, May 8, They will make aa,ab,ac,ad etc etc till zz. My windows just turned a slight pink tinge when I tried to open CCC. Hey guys, were giving you more enhancements, and some performance increases. Nov 12, I won’t get off work for another 8 hours to try this out.

Find More Posts by Ulysses If you don’t like it, don’t use it. Originally Posted by KickAssCop. So just a heads up that if you want MLAA, I would say only enable it when you are about to play a game.

Support for new stereoscopic 3D capable hardware was also added. Like Spyre said in another thread: Originally Posted by Ulysses Could just be blowing smoke. caalyst


amd catalyst 10.10e hotfix radeon hd 5000 series driver

SonDa5Nov 12, Oh and the link works fine for me. Find More Posts by acroig. SicKlownNov 13,