Only thing is, I cannot disable spdif output, and thereby enable analogue output instead I presume thats how it should be done. The driver windows installs by default, apparently wont recognize that there is a headphone jack and internal speakers. The only thing that indicates that the sound should be enabled, is that I can see red light in the 3,5mm out jack, so spdif is enabled I presume. I dont understand it I’d advise you to ask on bigger and more question specific forums, and particularly this one – Gaming Software and Graphics Cards – Notebook and Forums Discussion. Thank you for your help! I have a compaqnx too with ati igp !

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Now, I have the latest catalyst driver! I need to upgrade my driver, because openGL is not supported in resoulution x Only thing is, I cannot disable spdif output, and thereby enable analogue output instead I presume thats how it should be done.

Maybe the newest updated drivers from Realtek website works too, I havent tried, and Im not going too since its working fine now Good la. Do you use factory stuff, or the latest catalyst? I dont think so Come on Fujitsu-Siemens, pq update the video driver, update all drivers and btw: Please give me some advice When I open volume control it also shows the digital spdif icon, and I can see the green bar going up and down when playing some music. I have tried all of the catalyst drivers!


Fujitsu AMILO Pa drivers

What can be the problem? Well, Iam not sure, because thea card is working, and the catalyst igp driver saies, it support radeon xpress I really hope you guys can help me out, I’d really hate to format it again, only to install XP on it.

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Standard VGA Graphics Adapter driver free download for windows – FUJITSU – AMILO Pa

My enlgish sasck but i will put same picteurs after. I have tried removing the amjlo that windows installed default, and then installing the driver downloaded from realtek website its the ALC chip.

It means in life, that the lcd wont turn off, if I shut the laptop screen down. Even if I manually push that little button above the silent mode button!

So, you open device manager, chose preferences for your video card! I dont understand it Does anybody have the same problems?


I use catalyst since november, when I firs downloaded modtool, everything works fine, but on the pa I cannot install the catalyst, and I still dont have a clue why! I cannot install v6. Do you think this is a hardware problem?

I am able to play in x resolution in Medal of Honor, Wolfeinstein Although it would probably be a good idea to 15110 2GB, or more, of total RAM, since I can tell from taskmanager that it uses up pretty much all of the RAM when doing more than 1 “heavy” task.

I have tried everything uninstalling ati drivers, ati x driverbut no use! So now Im kinda clueless as what to do next. I try to ask around I have a compaqnx too with ati igp ! I have tried your trick too arrostos How come your works? Who is online Users browsing this forum: Board index Time zone: