Please read the Quick Start Guide for your product. The upgrade has already been applied. See the Windows 7 compatibility document. To adjust the energy range it is always the gain of the system that must be changed. There is no paper manual for the software. It contains an example in VB of how to directly control the devices using the most low-level calls available.

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The manual is the help file. This should only be used by experts who need to adapt these devices to non-windows platforms.

DPPMCA Display & Acquisition Software – Amptek – X-Ray Detectors and Electronics

It is a socketed part so no soldering is required. Try adjusting the start and end points of the ROI. Now click the cursor into the second peak it will highlight. Changing the Channel scale to Energy.

Acquire a spectrum for approximately 30 seconds; if there is no spectrum displayed, still save the file as it will contain important information about the system that will help Amptek troubleshoot the problem Go to the File menu and select Save As to save the.


Click the Centroid button on the dialog box. The software cannot be run from a CD. It is not enough to change the software calibration only. Products for your imagination. If the peak is highlighted and there is no peak information, then the Amptekk is not marked correctly.

DPP Installation Instructions

There are different options depending on the product in use. Click on Centroid, enter the second energy, e. Click here for instructions on installing the DPP Software. For other sophisticated spectral analyses, the data are saved in an ASCII format, that most software will recognize.

To accurately calibrate a spectrum there must be at least two known peaks in the spectrum.

Controls are grouped by tabs. This software is free and can be downloaded from this link. In the Units box type in the energy units, e. There should now be two lines in the box. There is no paper manual for the software. Displays live spectrum and multiple stored or processed spectra. See the quick start guide of the appropriate product for more information. This changes the full scale energy range.


Then click the cursor to channel 1 and press F8. Once the appropriate gain full scale energy is found, the software can be calibrated. The scale should now be in energy. Oscilloscope mode displays pulse shapes for tuning of hardware parameters. Sometimes no spectrum or a distorted spectrum will appear if the fast and slow thresholds are not set properly. The DP4 is a legacy FW4 device.

All Amptek current products FW6 can be installed with the following instructions. User can set regions of interest ROIs for peaks. No source code changes are necessary in either case. Click the cursor just to the right of the noise and then press F8. This will enter the center position of the peak into the Channel box.