Yes, by using the optional Battery Charger The Site Master cable tables offer both propagation velocity and loss values for many standard cables used in cell installations today. How do I convert these traces to. On track to a brighter future. If using a ‘B’ or ‘C’ model, raising the data point resolution will almost double the distance. Operations Manual pdf 5.

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Save each record as a. This is a form of software featured in a spreadsheet format. Drivers Software Downloads exe 7. The propagation velocity affects the distance that reflections are reported on the Site Master.

The return loss specification is 40dB qnritsu to 2. Charter of Corporate Behavior Code of Conduct.

User Guide pdf Back to Previous Menu. Channel Partners Technical Partners. The Polyphaser antitsu be transparent to the antenna sweeps response.

Anritsu If an earlier version of Handheld Software Tools is being used, only the Anritsu supplied adapter will work.


Drivers, Software Downloads zip The cable loss given by the manufacturers, however, is udb quite accurate. Anritsu Company Anritsu Infivis Inc. It kind of looks like a “DX”.

Can I ush my Site Master battery and the spare battery at the same time? The frequency response and isolation of the Polyphaser should be better than the Antenna. It includes care, handling and performance verification information.

You can minimize this problem by sweeping known lengths of cable in DTF mode.

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Charter of Corporate Behavior Code of Conduct. Yes, Handheld Software Tools 6.

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Since the propagation velocity cannot be changed, you must change either the frequency span or the data point resolution in order to go further. LST, it should look like the example below: MDB format on my PC. The batteries will be charged sequentially. The battery charging procedure is outlined in the User’s Guide. Yes, you can use Handheld Code Loader to upgrade your software to the latest version applicable to your model.


Click on “Open a Database” and then click on “OK”. Maximum input power is, 1.

A window will pop up called “Select a Database” and from there you can either create a new database or open an existing one. The charger has two slots which can be populated with the Site Master battery removed from the instrument and the spare battery.

Optical and High-Speed Devices. You have to install the anritssu that come with the device, and then you may have to go into control panel anrjtsu your PC and manually set the Com port to Com 1 through Com 5, as these are the only ports the program will recognize.