See print driver image on left. Guides for optional accessories describe all the necessary steps for operating optional accessories and installing software. For setting as a printer, the properties screen of the services allows users to configure the system settings and port settings for each network that are otherwise operated on the touch screen on the machine. How secure is Printzone for ordering? In this manual, these buttons are indicated as the numeric keypad. How can I fix this? The retrieval of documents stored at your device is now easier than ever.

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Important Switching off the power of the machine may cause loss of data being processed. Indicates a ma button on the computer.

These User Guides are referred to as “guides for optional accessories”. You can also check the destination information for sending faxes and. Refer to “Control Panel” P.

System Administrator s Guide. Refers to folders, files, applications, button or menu names displayed in the touch screen, as well as the names of menus, commands, windows, or dialog boxes displayed on the computer screen and their buttons and menu names.

They are referred to as accompanying manuals. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Permission has been obtained from Microsoft Corporation for use of software screen shots.


DocuCentre-II C4300 Drivers & Downloads

Documents are delivered here when the output tray or finisher tray cannot be used. Connected to a network cable.

Product Overview 2 1 Before turning the power off, make sure that all copy or print jobs have completely finished. Guides for optional accessories describe all the necessary steps for operating optional accessories and installing software.


Note The B Finisher is optional. No part of this work may be reproduced, copied, adapted, or transmitted in any form More information.

Used c430 printing from Macintosh machines. Auto Eject Time Configure the time that the data apeodport far received by the machine will automatically be printed since data is no longer sent to the printer. N-Up Copying and Annotations Conserve paper and toner by printing multiple pages up to 32 pages on one sheet using the N-Up function. The following is the procedure to use a USB interface. Other computers on the same network can also print via the computer that the machine is connected to.

It includes procedures for: After reading, maintain it in good condition and keep it More information. Print CentreWare Internet Services Scan Print ifax This section describes the environment where the machine is able to provide print services.


Contains details about E-mail mca. This guide assumes that the operator has a basic knowledge of the operating environment of the personal computer in use, networking environments, and how to operate a personal computer.

Component Function 1 Contrast dial Adjusts the contrast of the touch screen. The information in this publication is ki under Legal Notices for this product. Introduction About this Guide This guide explains the following setting More information. This unit is for folding documents in half and stapling the folded documents.

We cannot be held liable for any problems arising from More information. After you finish reading this guide, store it in a safe place for future reference.

This manual provides instructions.

In this manual, these buttons are indicated as the numeric keypad. You can assign a feature to the buttons selected from the features displayed on the [All Services] screen and [Language]. Individual cartridges can perform above and below this average due to variation in the cartridge manufacturing process.