Also, be sure to include the VIA-Rhine network driver in the kernel or loadable module. The first models featured: SYS, please e-mail Uwe Sieber. For terms definitions and explanations, please see my Glossary. Comment 4 Kazutoshi Morioka

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Yes, yes you can. Can I buy any of this gear from you? Intel X58 marked as unsupported because the memory controller is now in the Core i7 CPU; I need information ple33 how to deal with the Core i7; The PCI devices for configuring the memory controller which the Core i7 is documented to expose are not seen on real live systems 3.

Системная логика VIA Technologies

Please upgrade to the latest version and open a new bug if the problem persists. Read the instructions for additional information! Can I link to your site?

Login [x] Log in using an account from: There are many models of C3 CPU: It needs only Bytes of low memory, that’s all! SYS English release [freeware], and used related information in these text files: Please note that from August 25, we will only post original projects – i.


The onboard Ethernet of EPIAs is often the first thing to stop working when there is not enough power getting to the board. SYS is an unofficial release, unsupported by c’t Magazine! Just do a search using one of.

Comment 4 Kazutoshi Morioka What is the Mini-ITX form factor? Was there ever an “ITX” form factor? Comment 5 Bugzilla owner If you like, you can use our logo – they are here.

– Can’t disable DMA for CompactFlash-IDE

TXT, part of WD freeware. The Eden fills a niche normally taken by dedicated and relatively expensive embedded systems. What is the Eden architecture? Comment 1 Kazutoshi Morioka That’s the same thing that EMM does, if you load it with the parameter ‘noems’ or ‘ram’. Things can get very busy.

p,e133 Some distributions will have problems. The original version came from the german magazine c’tbut there were several problems and no free updates. Both screens will boot, then the TV will go black. Here you’ll find free access to the drivers you need. UMBPCI is a hardware specific UMB driver with some limitations and problems, so don’t use it without a good reason, especially not on boot disk which shall work on many different computers. Do you accept advertising?


Chipsets and their known problems in the UMBs. Generally speaking, boards with Eden processors are passively cooled fanless and boards with C3 processors are actively cooled they require a fan. We have a handy guide. It’s ple13 nice if you tell us you are linking to us – we like to make new friends! Select the TV so that a blue line goes around it and tick the box next to it.

CompactFlash will work as IDE-disk.