Terminology for Configuration Parameters discriminate between different virtual connections and ATM nodes. Bay Area Compliance Laboratory, Corp. Copyright UTStarcom, Inc. Click the Configuration tab. Cabletron SSR 4 ethernet, out of production. Pass to next filter:

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General Configuration Administrative Security: Select the DeleteConfigurations and Reset to Manufacture Mode checkbox if you want to removeall sub custom settings while resetting your modem. Installing the Software DriversFigure 3. Check Your Package Contents This product can be set up using any current web browser, i.

You may have to do this more than once.

System Requirement Before you getting arfscom, make sure that you meet More information. Identifies each device on the network and the Internet. Operate in a clean and dust-free location. Power down all of your network devices, including your computer s and the Modem Router. If you are unfamiliar with any of the terms listed, refer to Appendix A, About Configuration Parameters.

ARESCOM NetDSL ADSL Modem version b1. User s Guide – PDF

This is especially helpful for network management. Netdso can use filtering to protect your network from unauthorized access, and restrict certain traffic from leaving your LAN. Outline Of Configuration Configuration 5.


Alternatively, you may select the feature using your mouse pointer. You’ll probably usv some occasional errors, but unless there’s a problem of some sort, you should have a pretty stable connection Once you get into the high 50’s or low 60’s, you’re approaching the limit.

Click on the item that you wish to configure, and then set the parameters. Choose Control Panel and double click Network icon. Refrain from touching any active wires or terminals.

From this panel, you can create a Router Name and select Password Protected arrescom administrative security. Status Feature This Chapter Includes: The window lists all detected modems, both configured and unconfigured.

ARESCOM Drivers Download

Other brands and product names More information. This makes it easy to monitor the current status, and troubleshoot the operation of your NetDSL modem. Page of 63 Go.

Select Protocol for the type of network component, and click Add. There is a slim chance that it’s the modem so if you have a friend with DSL you can borrow their modem and try surfing while calling in also. If Windows wants the path to your Windows 98 CD, enter the path to the proper drive and click OK to complete the installation.


ARESCOM NetDSL 800 ADSL Modem version 5.2b1. User s Guide

Click Next to start the installation process. If you need more information, click on the Help button. Modify Bridge Packet FilterIf you want to change the parameters of an bridge packet filter, select the filternumber, and then click Modify. To enable static IP addressing: The minimum and maximum values of the VCI are 32 and 4, respectively.

You can reset your modem aresxom the Reset Router tab. To return to the Main Status panel, click the Hide Details button. Arwscom three 3 year coverage requires registration. Connecting the Etec 4 Port g Wireless More information.