The pricing, albeit understandable, is exhorbitant to say the least. Sign up for our free newsletters and get the top stories delivered to your inbox. I have worked for a big Telecomms company in the past and I have seen a lot of what our belove Service Provider is capable off. This is mostly dependant on the quality of the line between you and your local exchange, and the link between your telephone exchange and the exchange of your ISP. Specifically applying to all software, folders, data and their content provided for download by the swissinfo. On the competition side, I also agree with you Guaranteed bandwidth costs a lot more than normal every day bandwidth because the provider of the service HAS to effectively purchase adequate bandwidth to keep you going at full speed unlike other technologies such as ADSL where they can share the connection amongst users – at which point their speeds vary depending on congestion.

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The core difference has to do with control signals. It was originally conceived to serve organizations with more than one phone. What bugs me is that E1 lines is a very old technology, starting from the 50s. Well I know some one who work at Saix. ADSL is a complete different technology and doesn’t really serve the same purpose iisdn Diginet. Ascom said on Tuesday that it had received a long-term order to supply modems and network management to RWE Powerline, a subsidiary of the German utility, RWE, which has been testing the system for several months.


How fast is a T1 line? However, the other parts of the package have no reason to take a back seat.


To make use of diginet you and your ISP need to install a router at both ends and these devices are rather expensive R and mdoem – you more often than not need a specialist to configure you router for you if you do not get one from your ISP direct. Put plainly, Ascom voo: What does Ascom voo: A xDSL technology can for instance be used to carry an E1 stream to your doorstep.

ascm I don’t think so. Forums New posts Search forums. There are 30 channels available to users in a managed E1 line and two for signalling, framing etc.

The company that I worked for has subsequently reduced their employee numbers so much that it would be difficult to find those asocm involved at that time as they should be ascomm contenders to guide us. Ascom said the first products for private households would be presented by RWE Powerline at the forthcoming CeBit exhibition in the German city of Hanover.

I am under correction, but Telkom charges almost double for switching from 64k to k Diginet. Any other use of the website content beyond the use stipulated above, particularly the distribution, modification, transmission, storage and copying requires prior written consent of swissinfo.

But this indicates an ADSL application for which it was modej designed. Telkom most definately underestimated the market – but remember – the SNO is around the corner and Telkom needs to hang on to their “loyal” customers by bringing new services to market ASAP.

They are squashed in one after the other and you use routers or similar mechanisms to guide them through the network so that you end up with only your data and not anybody elses.


Tharaxis Senior Member Aug 19, That explains the high cost of Diginet. You must log in or register to reply here. What Ascom has pulled out of the hat this Autumn has nothing to do with magic, but purely with technical know-how. So let mmodem stop talking and do mode A statement from Ascom said the first Powerline Communications products would be put on the market in Germany.

I think it is a simple trunk line, because they group it together on their Diginet webpage. All other OCx lines are direct multiples of OC1 lines. It is offered by the GSM service providers and they offer a basic subscription and then charge for bundles of data, something I am much rather morem favour of.

Edit e-mails in the children’s room, hold conference calls in the garden, or work in teams in the company cafeteria with file-sharing and Internet access: No-one will spend 5h on dail-up waiting for a 2Gig movie moodem download!

My last unsolved hardware problem (ISDN and Ascom Eurit 33)

The Bern-based Ascom group says it has moved a step closer towards connecting people to the Internet through the electricity supply. This makes speech and data transmission possible at a distance of up to meters, also in digital form. Thus, anyone can quickly and simply put Ascom voo: