Jun 24, at 9: Find More Posts by devil I will not clutter this text with the details as I think the code and its usage should be clear enough from the interface, comments and usage in the ConfigDlg module. The ‘effective’ side of the story. Now seems to be a program error of some sort. I use it with asio4all, which I installed before using this plugin, as the plugin would not work with my casiop driver.

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The latter launches a separate executable that does the ASIO output, which can be useful for load balancing. No one really needs to do a synchronized realtime mix on a stream from a broadcaster when you can just simply record, and load it into audio aeio at a later time. The ‘effective’ side of the story.

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But, play never starts when Winam; press “Play”. OK, but glitches and more – works decent, with some exceptions. This downside really never appears with professional use, as you’d basically only use one application for all your needs. Discussion in ‘ Computer Audio ‘ started by neonextgenaznJun 22, Find More Posts by sicarp. Usage A simple scenario of loading and starting a device would go something like this most error handling is omitted for brevity: It doesn’t work – I had stuttering issue.


I have a problem though, when output wianmp routed through the ASIO plugin the volume slider on Winamp no longer has any effect at all and every time I minimise or maximise a window I get a slight pause in output sound.

ASIO is rather picky in terms of bit depth. Software Developer Little Endian Ltd.

Buggy – I had to fiddle with it to even get sound out of it X-Fi under Vista x86 and when I did get sound it was choppy and jittery. The first problem is not directly solvable as it is part of the binary specification of the Asoi so a workaround must be used. Find More Posts by xsparky.

Rename it back, then get 7-zip or WinRAR, which isn’t free though. Does the Audigy even show up as a device in the plug-in’s config? This plugin crashes and the 2. Another problem could be that the Audigy doesn’t support Aside from kmixer, the sample passes through a lot of hassle, and gets degraded on each step: AFAIK, my soundcard doesn’t have bit playback support.

Also, how do I find out the average replaygain value of my tracks?

Multidevice ASIO output plugin for WinAMP – CodeProject

Hosting a Winamp Output Plugin. As the name implies, it can wrap a raw COM interface pointer as well as other COM smart pointer classes, so it can be used for an easy single point of configuration to choose and test different smart pointer implementations.


I’m setting up mpg It seems alot of the other reviews give it 1 star because they couldn’t asko it to work. With a bit of common sense. When it is defined a number of things change: Did you perhaps enable 24bit playback? DLL files cannot be launched.

ASIO output Plugin

Yes, my password is: The logic behind the MultiChannelBuffer class has already been wniamp, which leaves us with the Write callbacks for different IO sample type combinations and those come down to the deinterleaving process. Winamp Heritage – Legacy resources of Winamp media player. As one might expect the two do not just fit in nicely with each other but require a certain level of adaptation.