Project appears to have been abandoned. Kindly post back with the updated issue for further assistance. It uses a nVidea HD chip. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. If it does, make sure that windows is set to use the internal soundcard of the laptop as its default device and not the BCD If that’s all it did I don’t think that there wouldn’t be any benefit to its usage or in some cases conflict with it’s installation. You can say its more than a wrapper but how does that help us understand it better?

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The Mixtrack Pro is a low end controller for beginners. Paul P Max Output Level: Channel-allocation can now be tweaked. I use Asio4all when my laptop is on my lap and Octa capture drivers when it is in the studio.

Nevertheless progress in the last couple of days has been promising, so it can be expected that the beta will be available sometime next week.

[Tip] Uninstalling ASIO4ALL solved audio weirdness/crackling/dropouts – driver conflict?

I report, you decide. My current laptop can’t stand a bar of ASiO 4all. Essentials Only Full Version. They usually stick to the basics.

So the targeted release at the end of February cannot be met. A range of multi-channel-cards seem to need different parameters for successful use. This site in other languages x. There has been an enormous amount of interest in the drivers.


Trace-Version now runs on W2K again To improve stability on lower-performance-systems, more than a windows-size of 2 can be used up to 4, increases latency! After that there will still be some tweaking univesal do in terms of runtime changes of sample-rate and buffer-size. Is there any way to do that? If so can you email me the instructions.

Ujiversal has been a long time since I used these drivers. During testing of the recording via wdm-kernel-streaming I detected that some soundcards behave slightly unexpected – obviously my fault, should have read the spec’s more carefully ; Seems I need to redesign my data-pump to adapt to this.

Sorry this didn’t help. Windows doesn’t recognise the hardware. Anyway, not trying to be a hard ss. He says what it does but univerzal not how it goes about it on the site.

ASIO driver support in Windows 10 – Microsoft Community

Listen to my music on http: I never claimed to be in my right mind! Have you ever tried to use WDM driver with a realtek card? With the advancement of newer hardware and faster computers using driver protocols like this are not really necessary for me anymore. It has less issues, but the same thing applies.


ASIO driver support in Windows 10

Release has been delayed for a while now, since I had not enough time to polish up the rest of the things. During the last time quite a univsrsal issues have been fixed with the driver: It’s doing more that just adding an ASIO interface to the stock drivers. I have had problems of tracks being recorded out of sync using this driver while using certain audio interfaces.

I’d be glad to help you.

Installation now just requires startup of config-dialog in service-control-panel. If it does, make sure that windows is set to use the internal soundcard of the laptop as its default device and not the BCD Like I wrote in the readme-file – if problems occur, send me a trace-file that can be made with the diagnosis-version of the driver.