Thanks and let me know if anyone needs more information or has possible solutions! I got my modem working again! After running the “agrsmdel. It showed a new modem and it’s working fine. This problem also is driving me insane Same Issue These modems are just hopeless. Probably I was shaking it while working, made it worked sometimes.

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Thanks a lot for saving me loads of time people I should note that I am in Ukraine.

I got my modem working again! I’ve gone into bios and there are no com ports to disable or enable hoshiba same with the device manager. Here’s a list of possibly relevant info: SOS, I don’t have much time and just registered to give you guys this info Try and remove the PC-card from the PC and uninstall the modem.

Hopefully asksy will apply to most of us who having this trouble. Guys, My niece’s is Toshiba AS, having the exact same problem but sometimes I managed to make it work by changing driver, settings When I go to hardware manager and open up the modem properties, it says it is working properly.


Inside laptop, and asmey Well, i’ve tried a few things with no luck: I tried everything – I had two sleepless nights. I unscrewed about 4 screws, but could still not open it.

Re: Lucent Askey on toshiba laptop

I think the modem has something to do with it I’m at my wits end and close to just buying a USB modem or something. Ask a question and give support. I spent a full night trying to solve this issue. The modem is already toshiga use or not configured properly.

Normally I would recommend to reboot and when Windows finds new hardware click cancel. This is not a software problem – it’s a hardware problem.

This modem is a real piece of work. Since I only use dial up at home, I decided taking years off my life stressing about this problem wasn’t worth it, and neither was sending my computer off to be serviced. This is pretty important to my work, and I don’t have the money to hire someone over here to help out I’m a Peace Corps volunteer, plus its an American computer so hard to ttoshiba support in Ukraine.

Thanks again for your help everyone!!! Electric soldering iron a and a clever specialist worked wonders. On this laptop it just so happens to be on the screw side of the panel cover so the pressure pushes down on the connector, not the entire modem.


You can disable COM2 or leave it if already disabled. Then run the setup.

Re: Lucent Askey on toshiba laptop

Hope y’all with the same problem have better luck, or else just buy an external modem! Modem connection was just a little loose. I spent 3 days to isolate the problem, just to find out applying the same things won’t yield the same result.

Thank God I had guarantee with Toshiba service center, I went there and they said it’s quite common with notebooks to have such a problem — the matter was with hardware – modem itself—modem off-sealed from the circuit board. Join the community hereit only takes a minute. Sign up for freeit takes 30 seconds. Windows should find new hardware and reinstall it.