I would stop creating theories and look at the basics first. Even try updating the bios. Do I feel real time difference? I was thinking that Marvell do what it can be done through Pci-e line,be now i see that i was so wrong. I updated to latest bios and did a fresh install so I don’t know what else to do. Joined Jan 18, Messages 20, 4. I still have the Bios from when I purchased the MB.

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Pretty good bang for the buck with your particular drive since it can’t saturate the ASMedia chips limita anyways though. It’s just suddenly working which would be disconcerting, since it could just stop working again!

For some reason the Acc. If this could help, I bought this one and it is working fine with solid perf Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

I’m trying to add two drives to my current setup. So last night, I tried the ASMedia and was awmedia for closer to mb for seq read. I’ve had some issues with this, and was wondering if its due to having more than one drive per channel on the add-on SATA Controller?


Even try updating the bios. Thread starter Ferrum Master Start date Jan 7, While running the tests are simple enough, the results are going to vary from board to board, and driver used.

ASMEDIA ASM1061 perfomance?

Here are my results on 64GB M Your name or email address: Perhaps a bad SSD??? Asmedia controller does better when the lanes are saturated in asmedja situations.

But, when I tried asmedix test transfers I got numerous write errors and one of the two drives always “disappeared” after a few minutes. In case someone comes across this via Google, I thought I’d wrap it up.

Both controllers I tried seem be supported by the kernel, and I didn’t do any manual configuration Both drives were recognized, and I was able to create file systems with the Web UI. Joined Apr 10, Messages 17, 3. Last edited by a moderator: Since these are all 5 volt devices, I mistakenly assumed I had Seq read is now mb.

ASMedia® ASM chipset | The SSD Review and Technology X Forums

This is with ASMedia controller: In turns out the power connector only provides I am just wondering, anybody has this little critter integrated on your motherboards I updated to latest bios and did a fresh install so I don’t know what else to do.


Ferrum Master Asmdia 7, Ferrum Master Apr 19, Men they even give me cable. Ferrum Master Mar 19, Price wise this is the better solution I think.

Do some load tests with the ASM and touch the chip carefully it might hurt. The issue wasn’t with the SATA controller sit was insufficient xsmedia to the drives.

Channel sharing on PCI-e SATA Conrollers (Asmedia 1061 & Marvell 9215)

I understand this can be due to cabling, so I tried several other cables with the same result. That is much improved over the Marvell for sure. On ebay PCIe cards come very cheap