No post , nothing. The main problem with PCI-Express is that it is limited to 4x generation 1 speed, meaning newer cards do get bottlenecked with a quick CPU. It’s fake raid aka software raid done through a proprietary driver. This site hosts no abandonware. Well other than the novelty of both an agp and pci-e slot.

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No driver issues certainly. This would all have been with XP and The memory timings are very picky.

CentOS mailing list Subject: Saturday, February 10, 6: So far it seems single GPU cards only. And one of which 775dual-vstx used with a pentium for a few years for videotape transfer and processing, dosbox and world of warcraft.

Feb 10, at 7: It won’t work well with linux. I flashed it with PCtrieber’s unofficial bios about 5 yrs ago and run with 4GB 3. Here’s video that confirms “Gallatin” support on it: Pretty stable board when you find the right BIOS settings, but it underperforms clock-for-clock compared to most other boards.


It’s usually what gave them a bad reception, ASRock has deteriorated from that path since many years ago and as such is viewed much more favorably nowadays.

ASRock > Dual-VSTA

The biggest issues with these boards is you can’t actually use a pci-e and agp gpu at the same time. Anandtech reviews seemed pretty decent too. I can’t remember now, but there is a particular BIOS setting that needs to be relaxed for stable performance.

What I did find was that I could get the drives aseock appear as independent drives.

ASROCK 775Dual-VSTA Manuals

Seems I tried windows 7 with a 4core board but I have no idea why as I was on better stuff for my main PC when I bought them, unless it was as a stopgap due to other hardware failing.

Only other thing to add: William Warren run it in sata mode but turn the bios raid off. Board index All times are UTC. No issues as I recall. I will look into your recommendation — Thanks.

Asrock Dual-VSTA Manuals

Same goes with the PCI Express bus, anything above creates problems. It had a weird issue related to the onboard sound in COD4 only, in that it would throw you back to the desktop regularly, never fixed that but other games were fine. Based on my experience this must be true. Dual Xeon X 4. This site hosts no abandonware.


Users browsing this forum: This allows greater overclocks than 3. Johnny Hughes dmraid does cause cause problems on some chipsets next part A non-text attachment was scrubbed Maximum addressable memory is 3. Asrock wasn’t always an ok board maker. Well other than the novelty zata both an agp and pci-e slot. Just enough to get the os running to the point where it 775udal-vsta a specialized driver that does the actual raid- stuff.