The old verifyTextPresent checks for the presence of the text in the entire page. When creating scripts manually, Firebug is used to get the locator. Thanks to all in advance. The test report is the most important feature of the Selenium framework. Email Required, but never shown. A test is considered passed only when the Assertions show no Exceptions. Assertions provide a means for users to validate any kind of test.

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Use Firebug’s “Inspect” button to get qebdriver locator for the “Sign In” button.

java – how to use assert in selenium webdriver? – Stack Overflow

Toggle the Record button on if it is not yet toggled on by default. Related Demo Macros DemoStoreEval uses many Asserts The ready-to-import-and-run source code of all demo macros can be found in the Github repository testmacros folder.

We made the assertion fail deliberately. The only way to add commands safely on the source code is by recording them. You have put assertion, can you please let me know where you have added verification. We use the Assertion in the try catch block.


This proves that Selenium IDE has paused execution on that step. If the assertion fails, it will fail the test script.

Email Required, but never shown. So, Store the respective element in a variable and then use getText method on the element, which would return a string and then call assertEquals which compares both strings.

How to use assertEquals() in WebDriver using driver.getText()

They are commands that allow you to store values to a variable. FirefoxDriver ; import org.

Step 5 Click on the “Sign-In” button. WebDriver ; import org.

We are done with the third command. This is just one small example. The term Gecko stands for a Web Browser engine that is inbuilt within It does not interact with any element on the page. Parameters are not required all the time. If present it will continue execution from the next line or if it is not webddiver the execution stops there and your test case fails.

Assert and commaand commands are both useful for verifying condition match or not. Thus, the usage of Assertions plays a vital role in identifying the flaws in the application being tested. Email Required, but never shown. In this tutorial, you will learn So when the Assertion fails, all the test steps after that line of code are skipped.


I tried but my assert command is failed. Step 5 To create the third command, click on the third blank line in the Editor and key-in “type” on the Command text box.

Before proceeding to the next command, “waitFor” commands will first wait for a certain commandd to become true.

Assertions in Selenium Web Driver – Perficient Blogs

Your script should now look like the one shown below. Screenshots are desirable for bug analysis.

I am using testng framework, I have a Baseclass which consists of Before and After suite I have a Loginclass extends Baseclass which consists of Test annotation consists of password and username passing from excel.

Notice that webdruver User Name text box within the Mercury Tours page becomes highlighted for a second. Post as a guest Name.