IDE devices integrate the drive control circuitry directly on the drive itself, elimi- nating the need for a separate adapter card in the case for SCSI devices. The Y axis is exaggerated again. The system benchmarks did not increase when going from MHz to MHz on the bus frequency, probably because the memory speed had to be reduced. One thing that irritated me about the overclock settings was that they did not go in order in the BIOS menu, but rather, jumped all around, forcing you to scroll the long list to find the speed you wanted. The variability was still quite noticeable, as shown in the chart below. But after repeating the test a few times I noticed fairly wide variations in the results. The other trace, labeled “After full 3D Mark” was obtained after running 3D Mark through an entire benchmark.

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Enter text from picture: However, there was almost no variation in Norton benchmark numbers from run to run. The next step was to try MHz on the front side bus.

ASUS CUV4X-E, Socket 370, Intel Motherboard

By simply ssus the Norton benchmark over and over, I got wide variations aeus one test to another. As I’ve said in previous reviews, I’d rather not see an audio modem riser, or on-board audio. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. System performance was substantially lower than with ausio comparably clocked Pentium III system, but as I mentioned earlier, the performance variability seen with the Pentium III was not seen with the Celeron Video for Windows is a well-accepted and well-tested standard.


Page 34 Pin 5 is removed to prevent inserting in the wrong orienta- tion when using ribbon cables with pin 5 plugged. Line In light blue allows tape players or other audio sources to be re- corded by your computer or played through the Line Out lime. CPU temperature and predefined thresh- old.

So I used the E flip-chip for stability testing while overclocking the bus frequency. At MHz, that ausio probably acceptable behavior. It will then automatically take you to the Advanced menu with a popup menu of all the officially possible CPU internal frequencies.


Page 70 ISA card is using that channel. With a little more work, Asus could make it a great board. The Y axis is exaggerated in the chart below, to highlight what variability there was.

VLM 3 supports all the hardware devices that are compliant with Video for Win- dows standard. I tried higher and lower core voltages, but the system refused to boot.

Shut Down, and then click Shut down the computer? At this setting, the system was running at MHz, with a memory speed of MHz. All overclock testing was done with a core voltage setting of audil.


The plug from the power sup- ply will only insert in one orientation because of the different hole sizes. The results were quite puzzling. Other options for the Type field are: Developed by Rambus, Inc.

With xuv4x Celeron-2, the benchmark numbers were very stable, and almost no variation was seen. Once the Emergency Clean disk is created, click OK.

ASUS CUV4X-V User Manual

It took 57 seconds for a complete warm reboot, and 67 seconds for a complete cold boot. The next available speed was 85MHz. VIA 4 in 1 drivers: It may result in a slower speed. Page USB 2. Central Processing Unit cpu Be careful not to scrape the motherboard when mounting a clamp- style processor fan or else damage may occur to the motherboard.

But after repeating the test a few times I noticed fairly wide variations in the results.