Forum members and moderators are responsible for their own posts. You get a little speed but higher risk in data loss. David , Nov 16, What Notebook Should I Buy? Any additional hardware I need to install a 2nd HDD in the empty bay?

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Well it seems that everyone here do not really promote raid 0 for gaming because it only effects the loading time. I actually like that joelmex about “Vista 64 will load much faster in a raid 0 then a standalone”.

It is just any data written to disk 1 is also written to disk 2. You get a nice LCD, Intel Any other advise pls?

Anyways, I want everyone to take a vote on this matter please please please. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Truthfully, the P or at asjs P is sufficient for all but the most extreme users and would cost quite a bit less, or four bit more money you could get the P that has a lower power requirement but the same performance as the T I do not mind losing the express gate if windows load up faster than usual.

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Screws think easy to find. We understand that the G50V-A1 we are reviewing should be available through the end ofbut other models will use the same basic design and change some of the components.


Gg50v it worth it? Now that warranty period ended and I need the extra storage Dear jobian07, Microsoft Windows 7 64bits OS able to support above 3. Tight on budget thus couldn’t upgrade to a new system thus would like seek advise to tweak this laptop to see me thru another year or 2 mainly for photo editing and simple gaming.

The way I look at it is either do raid 0 but have higher risk of data loss if hardware failure or do no raid and have the two drives seperate. I will post more info once I research it. Now Vista 64 will load much faster in a raid 0 then a standalone, I did not do some test on mine but I can tell.

Why not do RAID 1? ASUS has a very large selection of current laptops, and it’s not unusual to see various models come and go with minor updates.

ASUS G50V – Specifications and Summary – Centrino 2 Laptop Roundup

Anyways my questions are: Yes to raid 0 or No to raid 0. What will be the max RAM it can support on win7 64 bit? So if you going with the assumption if one drive fails you loose all, well your chances are higher with your main drive failing because your hard drive is working twice as hard. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.


Centrino 2 Laptop Roundup

No, create an account now. DavidNov 16, Sorry i dont have extra screws for you yup Intel PM45 chip can support up to 8Gb, due to bios limitation. That card is quite a asuus faster than the M GT since it has twice the memory bandwidth and twice as many SPs.

My laptop rajd arrive this wednesday or Thursday. ThaladarDec 26, at 3: Do you already have an account?

It’s a heavier notebook, almost as large as most 17″ offerings, but asuus features, build quality, warranty, and accessories add up to a very good overall package. Yes you do loose the express gate feature because as of now after I setup Raid 0 the express gate does not work but I have not done no research as of yet of re-installing it.