I was nearly in tears with this problem. In fact, I just got through fixing a system with the Sigmatel chip, and what I had to do to get it working. How can you disable the jack- autosensing Thanks for the reply. I’ll look into it a bit more.

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Pk5 called the tech-guys at the dealer’s and they said they never heard about this problem before and I should take back the mobo. If anything I would suggest calling Asus directly for support. If you go look on the CD you should find that the drivers are already extracted. My super computer thanks you also.

Hi, I’m looking for assistance getting my sound driver installed for a new computer I built. When it does gealtek the install wizard point to the folder where you stored the driver.

Disable the on-board audio and try installing a good PCI sound card.

It won’t help with the installation. So all the store did was just put the hardware parts in the right place.


HD Audio Asus P5K

Hungarian the OS’s been just reinstalled, there’s no other software except for the factory drivers DirectX: It may be the card Asus P5KC mobo on fire! The drivers it would install: The A sus Realtek audio driver not working? Inside this last folder you will find 3 UAA files: I had already removed the KB hotfix during earlier install attempts with no success.

This was finally assu for me.

Do you already have an account? And one more thing. Lastly, in the case of the Sigmatel driver I had to manually install the audio driver. Make a restart on your computer after the above two steps are finished to allow the new ASUS Realtek audio driver come into effect.

It’s their board, so I have to assume that they would know a little more on some other alternative ways to install the driver.

Yeah, now I can. If you do, yet it’s not installed, again, right-click, and uninstall it. Log in or Sign up. So then it started installing.

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It needs to be uninstalled before installing the realtek drivers. First of all, I’d like to greet the Forums from Budapest, Hungary – after browsing it for a while I found it to be a really nice, civilized and useful place.


Join thousands of tech enthusiasts and participate. I finally got the install to work – the fix was pretty easy once i stumbled on to it for me anyway – I hope it works for you The offending agent appears to be the Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio entry under the System Devices category in the Device Manager. You may see a listing for ‘Microsoft UAA’.

If the case uses all the audio connectors on the motherboard, then you would want to run the board in HD mode. Anyone has any idea? Aug 5, Messages: TipstaffJul 27, Greetings aus Happy New Year, all! Read the documentation very, very carefully.