Contact Us Legal Privacy and cookies. Thanks Fernando for such an awesome resource you created here. I believed that because the drive would only intermittently appear during drive enumeration. Jul 25, Posts: I’ve had similar issues with applying updates when there are things running that the operating system can’t interrupt, like a second user logged in and running things the OS can’t stop cleanly. Aug 12, Posts:

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Not sure why it suddenly is requiring a password to do so when I never configured that, pdo that should be fairly easy to fix.

Just can’t get the darn Intel drivers to install and getting errors, tried as administrator and all sorts. Last couple of days, my main driver, an Asus P5Q-E went wacko on me. The other six red ones are for Intel raid Intel AHCI driver Make sure you plug your drives into the red ports, unless you want advanced raid features like mirroring.


It was all fine.

Mon Mar 12, 7: It claims to have found corrupt files it could not repair but when I followed Option 3 from The above resetting to BIOS defaults allowed them to boot. No one even has a guess? Fri Mar 16, Why the heck is that?

Forum – Specific: Intel AHCI/RAID Drivers ยป Asus P5Q deluxe

It would be nice pto I could get my programs installed and ghost to the old 17Gb partition. You could check with Asus and see if their is a bios update to take care of this.

Fernando Show info Posts:. I have a 3TB drive D: Then do all your updates on windows and leave it alone.

Asus P5Q PRO – Motherboard – ATX User Manual: Ahci Configuration

Do you already have an account? Sorry, I’m way behind the curve these days.

Welcome to Windows 7 Forums. Asus P5Q deluxe Sun Feb 01, 9: This site uses cookies.

New battery measured 3. Thanks for the tip. Also I have a phantom 8Gb drive in disk management I saw a post with someone else having the same situation. Interestingly, the window that shows updates does not show another update as having been installed. Apr 21, at 8: You peo zoom in otherwise its a bit hard to read. I am mentioning the dvd cause of this post: Would this be a bad AHCI driver?


Mon Mar 12, 2: J, CVad, p5 and many, many, many others! Have you installed upto date drivers too? What I did was: Haven’t tried going back to AHCI mode yet. Also, it seems to go into some kind of deep sleep, but only sometimes, at the end of bootup, just before coming to the desktop.