This port connects the rear speakers on a 4, 6, or 8-channel audio configuration. Doing so can damage the motherboard. Onboard Devices Configuration 2. The User Password item on top of the screen shows the default Not Installed. Products and corporate names appearing in this manual may or may not be registered trademarks or copyrights of their respective companies, and are used only for identifi cation or explanation and to the owners benefi t, without intent to infringe. Replace the jumper cap from pins to pins

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Page 16 Internal connectors 1.

P5LD2 | Motherboards | ASUS Global

Remove the system unit cover if your motherboard is already installed in a chassis. Remove the bracket opposite the slot that you intend to use. Press the load lever with your thumb Athen move it to the left B until it is released from the retention tab. The use of shielded cables for connection of the monitor to the graphics card is required to assure compliance with FCC regulations.

The reduction of multiplier value provides more flexibility for increasing external FSB frequency to raise memory bus bandwidth. asjs


For example, selecting Main shows the Main menu items. Rear Speaker Out port gray. Disconnect the CPU fan cable from the connector on the motherboard.

If you detect any damage, contact your dealer immediately. After you have set a supervisor password, the other items appear to allow you to change other security settings.

Do not forget to connect the fan cables to the fan connectors. Table Of Contents Contents Notices For optimum compatibility, we recommend that you obtain memory modules from the same vendor. Precision Tweaker Precision Tweaker is designed for serious overclockers.

All specifications are subject to change without notice. Please refer specification pages for full details. Seek professional assistance before p5sdd2 an adapter or extension cord.

Page 18 Press the load lever with your thumb Athen move it to the left B until it is released from the retention tab. The number of device items that appears on the screen depends on the number of devices installed in the system. If the system becomes unstable after changing p5sdd2 BIOS settings, load the default settings to ensure system compatibility and stability.

Enter text from picture: When finished, shut down your computer. Setting p5ad2 values in below sections may cause system to malfunction. Refer to the hard disk documentation for the jumper settings.


Connect the 3-pin power LED cable from the system chassis to this connector. Limited allows changes only to selected fields, such as Date and Time. Hardware Monitor The onboard hardware monitor automatically detects the voltage output through the onboard voltage regulators.

PCB color and bundled software versions are subject to change without notice.

Asus P5SD2-FM Hardware User Manual

Thus, connection cannot be made on the first p5dd2. Failure to do so may cause you physical injury and damage motherboard components. View Only allows access but does not allow change to any field. To avoid short circuits, keep paper clips, screws, and staples away from connectors, slots, sockets and circuitry. The DIMM might get damaged when it flips out with extra force. This port connects a headphone or asu speaker. If no USB device is detected, the item shows None.