The displaced cursor keys present a nice gap between the main keyboard and the numeric pad. The top has comfortable rubber coating. Selfie Stick for Asus V The level of configuration for 3D Vision varies from game to game. Manual optimization of the graphic card makes 3D Vision a delight. The notebook was quiet at the start of the test: Configuration and Drivers Ideal:

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Although 3D Vision is not optimized for people already wearing glasses, the new shutter glasses do lie more snugly on the nose.

Even with multiple viewers, everyone gets a good picture, which means that a family movie night or watching videos with friends is not a problem with the G The G75VW establishes itself as the fastest notebook in the land and will not only feed amazing gaming adus today, but is primed to continue delivering them for years to come. Data Cable for Asus V Although the CPU never reached critical temperatures, it did have to clock itself down to 1.

The G75 responds with Lite-On. Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit.

Desktop quality performance on 17.3” gaming laptop

As the G75 is designed to be a DTR, we believe that the battery life should not affect its use much. This oddity is probably due to the precursor state of our model.


The fan is somewhat accessible now but the maintenance possibilities are nowhere near those of Clevo and MSI models. Asus V75 See more awesome products for your handset.

ASUS V75 Price in the Philippines and Specs |

The fan of the G75 is finally accessible. Practical use The user puts on the 3D Vision glasses and starts the desired game.

The keyboard base is made of metal. Track my order s.

Asus V75 pictures

Asus laptops have 60 different programs, updates and drivers pre-installed. Configuration and Drivers Ideal: After a long time spent trying to configure the speakers of the test model, we came to the conclusion that our sound system had a few bugs.

Turbo Boost Asu clock frequency of the Core iQM rises significantly using Turbo Boost – as long as the processor stays acceptably cool. This insignia azus flawless 3D portrayal of the game the games were optimized for 3D.

Nvidia also presents their 3D homepage: The battery position is the same as in the older G Keyboard The integrated keyboard is the same as the G74’s. Other differences include the smaller number of shaders vs.

ASUS V75 specification –

In contrast to the predecessors, the new model is no longer just dark-grey. Incredible Thermal Efficiency The G75VW packs a massive performance punch, which needs to be kept cool — the dual fan filter system enables you to keep your system running cooler and quieter, for longer.


The latest addition to the family maintains that high standard even in 3D mode. We also get great hardware and great performance: The drop in brightness caused by the dark glasses is made up for by the high brightness of the monitor. During normal gaming use, the laptop delivers sufficient performance.

Asus has given the G75 an amazing design which jumps at the eye as soon as the laptop is opened: It has an access time of Asus has picked one of the fastest graphics cards currently available.

It is a pity that due to the 3D asu, the laptop can not use graphics switching – hours of normal use is poor, even for a DTR. Voltcraft SL 15 cm distance. On the other hand, the “3D Vision Video Player” necessary for 3D film playback had to be downloaded we recommend the use of the free “Stereoscopic Player” from 3dtv.

Two audio jacks are quite meager and we expect more from such a high-end notebook.