I get the error message “Unable to switch to capture mode”. This leads me to believe that Vista is not very handy with anything other than 60Hz: Also dropping to 60Hz It time shifts video content and take system resources. These are the drivers that are currently listed in CCC: Hi, I tried Cat 6. Possibilities I’ve considered are:

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However, I chose the following: Pinnacle and other applications are designed to use the earlier WDM capture model.

This is not what this function is for in the driver and is only related to video. One thing that I’ve been consistently unhappy with is the softness of SD material. This will require the software vendor to update viov product 1.6238 work with T AV Stream.

I suspect that the sharpening filter being used in the hardware is little more than an unsharp mask: Once captured you can bring it into VS for editing.

ATI All-In-Wonder/VIVO WDM Driver 4.07/8.33 Windows XP x64

Sometimes, when using UVS9, I also got this error as seen in image 4: I was saying how ATi drivers are better than the nVidia ones and then everything that can go wrong, it does. But it doesn’t seem to sharpen the image in realtime I had to use the one in Version 6. Just checked and the drives have slipped to PIO and multi-word dma 2 mode. Oh well, their issue exists with other software too. Switched the desktop to 24Hz and bang smooth rotor.


Originally Posted by JohnAd Which decoder are you using for live TV, I found the MS one gave me judder, also what sound card are you using, the stability of the clock seems to be a function of soundcard driver quality. Everything that should be there appears to be there. Can anyone recommend something?

To get the archives uncompressed, I simply clicked the exe and the quit the installation. Have you palyed with tge enablerefreshratechange registry entry?

Ah no I was using variously the microsoft and nvidia decoders for audio. I don’t know what version of WDM they ended up with, but I do know it still does not work.

Avivo deinterlacing is falling over bad edits or corruption in the signal. It still has the messed up widescreen preview screen but still captures just fine. ATI’S Offical reply to this. I’ve checked Device Manager and there are no yellow exclamation marks or red Xs. With 10, it resets and you have to reselect. Possible solutions new soundcard: Due to the new plug-in the current version captue using there few incompatibility issues regarding certain capture devices. It appears they fixed the.


– Download Driver ATI Technology from category Display and Video Free

I’ve still got stutter but I’m coming to the conclusion that its Vista not communicating captude the card driver properly or erratically I can sometimes get the card to “lock” better deinterlace wise by tweaking random settings in the CCC and reapplying whilst a video app is running.

I have escalated this issue to my superior to take care of this issue as soon as possible. Dec 12, I’m a sucker for analogue needle meters. In “Preferences” under the “capture tab” enable or check “allow access to capture device’s settings”.

I get the error message “Unable to switch to capture mode”. Alright finally I’ve figured out the stutter. It’s good to know that because the combination of latest DD with older WDM may not function always or it may be buggy.