And that had not a playable performance for my box. I didn’t realize that not all Radeon Mobility models work with fglrx and tried installing it, after which the xserver wouldn’t boot or would freeze constantly even after changing back to radeon. I do have a compaq t I’ve copied it below for your convenience. Anyway to do that? Has a matter of interest, did you successfully get the fglrx drivers to run on the M6 LY, on an install without Beryl?

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We should back up your existing drivers just in case this doesn’t work. Also I had to change my xorg. Changing it to 16 solved my issue. I’ve been trying to get this to work, but I get the “no-window-border” affect, as I call it.

But I don’t know why I can’t install beryl, and get working with it This is one of the big unsolved mysteries, and you just solved it. Neither required any tweaking, and I installed Beryl on one of them. The fact that you are getting it, and I’m not, and we are using identical raedon says something, I dare say.


OK, thanks javaJake for your attention P But, may be u can resolve this problem: According to one search result, it could be you are using the wrong driver. So, first things first. Invalid argument you know if someone had a working xorg. It didn’t become unstable, it said I had hardware rendering, mobilitu I didn’t. However, I can still help you here if you want.

Thank you for your reply. I’ve installed all i need i guest: Thanks a lot, Javi.

ATI Mobility Radeon-P

I have come to a point where glxinfo, glxgears freezes the machine. You can see the errors in the Xorg. Using default hsync range of My time’s been crushed lately thus slow m6-v/p but never fear – I will get to you eventually and help you out. Esc brings me back to life. I have left all my own comments and reminders in this cut-out – they might be wrong or misleading.

If you did was there any noticable performance gain using this driver? I try to attach here the log file you asked for, hopping that this will help. The ati drivers include radeon.


ATI Mobility Radeon-P Specs | TechPowerUp GPU Database

However, in my syslog I have Dec 15 Option “SWcursor” “true” More stable this way. Alrighty, we can build our drivers now.

The output on tty1 is this: These instructions are not needed, actually, or even produce any results. I’m running aiglx on a Sony Vaio Agi with the ati mobility M6 card on a fresh X ubuntu feisty install. And then onto to the more specific stuff: I should be posting it sometime this week, if time allows. Everything should work at this point.