We have seen that in the homily of Garlmri God kills the serpent after the prayer of the saints, and that in the Tigray legend the saints hold their crosses up, whereupon the serpent dies. What then is to decide? This man himself heard it told at Axum, when he was there seeking cure of a disease, from which he was suffering. How it happened that the Queen of Sheba had an ass’s hoof, is explained here in quite a characteristic way: CONTi ROS- SINI himself, who during his residence in the Colonia Eritrea made very extensive and important explorations notwith- standing his many official duties, collected interesting material concerning our legend also; he writes me that it is known everywhere in Northern Abyssinia among many different tribes and peoples, and therefore exists in a number of slightly different versions.

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All the writing in the text belongs to one age, for it exhibits the same characteristics.

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Similar liturgical notes are to be found at the beginning of two other paragraphs. But now, our brethren, let us pray to the Lord our God and let us beseech him, that we may gain salvation for Ethiopia and that he may make to rule over it a king from Jesse’s root and from David’s stem, and let us fast day and night.

Perini in La Rassegna Nazionale. Very instructive are the two Afghan tales published by P. At what age, then, must it be assigned?

This unpub- lished text, of supreme value for the study of the Ethiopic Octateuch, is in the writer’s possession in manuscript-form, and could thus be used for this comparative purpose in advance of its intended pubHcation. In order to ascertain whether the type of text thus revealed in Genesis is maintained evenly throughout, 1 5 chapters were collated in the remaining books of the Octateuch: It seems to me that that version which places Arwe at the beginning of the history of Abyssinia is the most ori- ginal one, and that in later times popular Christian tradition tried to connect this old legend in some way with Christian personalities so that the deliverance of the nation from the great evil should be owed to Christian heroes.


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Full text of “The legend of the Queen of Sheba in the tradition of Axum”

If ye do not believe me, let one of you come and see! I om A hH-fl: I’ R 8 XoD: I personally like this video xti because when I used it to watch a HD DVD on my test jig, the heatsink barely got warm while providing high quality Blue-Ray video.

This fee may be waived for the following reasons. In the evening Solomon receives this very fish, finds the ring, piits it on his finger and is restored to his former power. And when they arrived.

After 40 days, according to the length of time during which the image had been in Solomon’s house, the demon flies away and drops the ring into the sea, where a fish swallows it.

The first three words of the verse are also in red. Graecus habet, immutatus est, in C lectio genuina restiiuta est. This is of course a very common feature of folktales, and many r37x could be cited from other literatures. But the big stone is standing [there] upright even today.


He even went so far as to supplement by his own skill passages defective in both the earlier and the later types of text ‘. Then he turned in all [directions], but did not find any one whose colour was like his.

A man sues another, because the latter’s sheep have pastured on his property. References Are to the pars posterior, 3 Ueber den Werth der altaethiopischen PentateuchUbersetzung fiir die Reconstruction der Septuaginta, Giessen The words of Deity, which nearly always begin a paragraph, are r73d by the use of red ink for two lines. Als Prolegomena r37x cincr kritischcn Ausgabe dcr aeth. M-fllU- s Mf t: R ‘ 41 ffJf: R I on, jBJit: The Arabic story of Queen Bilqls tells us that she had very hairy legs, and that she had an ass’s hoof.

For if God had not given this to her, how could [the dragon] have met his death through her? As all over the East, such gigantic structures are believed to have been built not by human hands, but by supernatural powers.

Codex F is ancient, written not later than and probably considerably earlier i Head of the monks of Abyssinia. Peculiarities of the Haverford Codex.