It offered Filtered Ratiometric Expansion , which automatically adjusted images to full-screen size. I was equally impressed with how much less 32bit color depth hits the Rage compared to the competition. I know you said it was a little weak in bit. Baoran , dicky96 , FuzzyLogic , kaputnik , keenmaster , Predator99 , Srandista , yawetaG and 13 guests. The card also worked great in a Slot 1 motherboard with Intel BX chipset. It integrated a low-voltage differential signaling LVDS transmitter for notebook LCDs and advanced power management block-by-block power control. There are also some options for tweaks, palette textures and table fog are mentioned as well as options to with the Z buffer:

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I note here that the specs were taken from Everest Ragee Edition without videocard drivers being installed. Return to General Old Hardware. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. The chip was basically a die-shrunk Rage Prooptimized to be very inexpensive for solutions where only basic graphics output was necessary. Overall it was one of the better cards for that era of Macintosh gaming, including Connectix VGS hehe.

Keep in mind that there are lots of OEM versions of this card. Aside from the VR chip’s lower price-point, the main rave was that the former was a full bit design, while the VR, still a bit processor internally, used a bit external memory interface.

I got my that way, it made it easy as there are only 2 or 3 set versions of the AIW, but the non AIW ones are much harder rabe identify. The Media Center software is required.


I’m very curious to see if one would work on a PC. How did the bit image quality compare to the TNT2 and Voodoo3? Conclusion – Had no driver issues – V-Sync controls built into driver – Some advanced options in driver – Slow in 16 bit compared to competition – Great in 32 bit compared to competition – 16 bit image quality looks a bit rough – Great multimedia features – Careful with OEM cards – Excellent VGA image quality.

This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. It offered Filtered Ratiometric Expansionwhich automatically adjusted images to full-screen size.

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The drivers have V-Sync options built in. Performance In 16 bit the card is behind the competition: Rage LT aka Mach64 LT was often implemented on motherboards and in mobile applications like notebook computers.

Despite the poor introduction, the name Rage Pro Turbo stuck, and eventually ATI was able to release updated versions of the driver which granted a visible performance increase in games, however this was still not enough to garner much interest from PC enthusiasts. It integrated a low-voltage differential signaling LVDS transmitter for notebook LCDs and advanced power management block-by-block power control. As the 1288 says, AFR renders each frame on an independent graphics processor. The Rage has always been a competitor to the RivaTNT2 and does compete well, at least regarding speed and image quality, let’s not discuss the inferior and more restrictive drivers.


ATI Rage 128 PRO Ultra

Don’t eat stuff off a 15 year old never cleaned cpu cooler. Not worse, not better. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

On the other hand. I used the latest drivers from the AMD website and didn’t run rafe any issues, but I only tested a handful of games and benchmarks, so keep that in mind: They are all SDR This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. NT put them both on the AGP bus and switched between them, and so the board could only operate as a single Rage Pro with the performance of a Rage Fury card.

In reality, early versions of the new driver only delivered increased performance in benchmarks such as Ziff-Davis ‘ 3D Winbench 98 and Final Reality. Users browsing this forum: Users browsing this forum: Archived from the original on Paint Shop Pro 3.

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Nice write up, Phil! That is really impressive! As a low-power solution with capable 2D-acceleration, the chip was used on many low-end graphics cards.