Click for a larger image. The opposite side contains a standard set of audio and video connectors and a mini-jack for antenna. Sad things in the end. As you can probably see, this is in fact some kind of phono connector, and supplied with the package is a phono to RF cable which your TV aerial signal needs to be plugged in to. When connecting to notebooks, which have only mic-in, it’s better to use the bundled potential divider to avoid problems with sound levels. Traditional sport scenes gave way to a transparent insert, which allows to see the TV tuner inside the box.

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Basically all the hardware you need is contained within this sleek, silver, metallic box, which would quite literally fit in your pocket. BioShock Infinite and Metro: Their efforts resulted in a rectangular metal case resembling an expensive cigar-case. Sad things in the end.

AVerMedia AVerTV USB 2.0 Plus Driver

Please enable Avefmedia to view the comments powered by Disqus. Taking a look at one side of the hardware, we find all of the inputs for the TV card.

We should also point out the decent package content. It has nothing to do with video capture from external sources, in this case the audio stream flows directly.

On one hand, we do not except that the situation will avermedix itself and there will appear a new model with stereo support like in case with AVer Studio Model By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. The design does not promote exact topographic definition of front plue back panels. And the lack of remote control is not a good idea at all, especially when its support wouldn’t have caused any technical problems.


So we’ll just point out such parameters as compact dimensions Despite a small size of the selector, it detected all my channels. On the other hand, how many notebook owners who are plis in a hurry will notice this event? Click for a larger image.

As we have already mentioned above, the tuner does not support stereo sound decoding, which is getting increasingly popular. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: However, due to the combination of such parameters as image quality, compact size, software features, package content, and design, AVerTV USB 2.

Video 3Digests Video cards: When connecting to notebooks, which have only mic-in, it’s better to use the aveertv potential divider to avoid problems with sound levels.

Image side borders, which can be removed by the scaling function leading to inevitable loss of some little vertical visual region, can be classified as petty criticism. The model tested in this review is currently the only device offered by the company in this series. Alexey Samsonov aka AlS als ixbt.


Sound x Vision | AVerMedia

Quality Not bad at all. Besides, the device can be protected from scratches by the bundled leather case, which does not hide connectors.

Let’s take the blue LED power indicator for the front side of the device. Time Shift settings let you 2.0 the video resolution in the wide range.

After the installation, a new device appears in the system and the program icon Quick TV appears in system tray. The opposite side contains a standard set plue audio and video connectors and a mini-jack for antenna.

AVerMedia TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. AVerTV USB 2.0 Plus Video Capture drivers for Windows 7 x64

Starting on the left-hand side, first we have the infra-red receiver for the supplied remote control, followed by two inputs for audio, one for composite video, an S-Video in connector, and finally the input for the TV aerial signal.

The program also offers a rare option of individual video format settings for each channel in the list. Click to find out more. A strange avermecia from the developers’ side, I can say. Conclusions Despite the drawbacks described above, the tuner design merits our web site ub.