This disc is also a good choice for sidearm and overhand throws. Dynamic Discs introduces the Convict. If you are right-handed throwing forehand flick or sidearm then the nature fade at end of flight is to the right. If you take the third number turn and add it to the forth number fade and you come up with a negative total, then the disc is understable. The Patriot responds to power, angle, and wind conditions to car…. Send a private message to zendragon.

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The River is a far better disc IMO, it can be a little nose angle sensitive at first though. It glides nicely it has the 1. If you are in the market for an excellent understable fairway driver, then you should really consider this great Prodigy disc.

Poll: 09 Best Understable Fairway Driver – Disc Golf Course Review

The Prodigy F5 is a high speed, stable to understable fairway driver. Innova Leopard3 – Star – Mini Stamp.

The Gateway Blaze is an overstable driver. Jul Years Playing: MAUL by Latitude Beaverton, OR Years Playing: Pinnacles are generally less stable in my experience, a lighter Pinnacle might get you there.


It has the feel in your hand of a fairway driver but the easy release of a midrange. The Underworld by Westside discs is yet another serviceable, understable fairway driver that has become a favorite for players who do not have a lot fairwxy throwing speed or power.

Looking for an Understable Fairway Driver? These are the best!

Understable fairway drivers can work great in bes lot of different circumstances. Because these discs are easy to turnover, they make great rollers. For slower arm players, this disc will fly relatively straight and for power arms, this disc will get some turn.

Send a private message to riltim. Westside Seer – VIP. The River will season in to the hyzer-flip machine you want.

Find all posts by wims. Play around with it.

You can count on a Banshee to perform even into the wind. In very simple terms, these are what those numbers mean: All times are GMT Innova says this about the Eagle: The Archangel is our easiest distance driver to undeerstable for distance – especially for those with less power.


Looking for an Understable Fairway Driver? These are the best! – Disc Golf Action

BuzzzChief Double Eagle Member. Glide, impact flies like a fairway driver. Your privacy is important to us. Designed to be the workhorse for all kinds of accurate fairway drives, this stable and versatile fairway driver has been developed in cooperation with World Champion Ricky Wysocki.

Dairway Leopard – Echo Star. It is a great complement to the Felon with the same feel in the hand but with less stability. Prodigy is very cryptic in their naming system for their discs.

Great Understable Disc Golf Fairway Drivers

Whether you are a new player or a veteran, you can find a place in your bag for this disc. Plus, the Underworld name just sounds really cool. The Innova GStar Leopard is a great beginner friendly understable fairway driver.

Aledo, TX Fairwsy Playing: Understable fairway driver suggestions.