More recently we’ve made it possible to use any BitScope as the basis for a networked test, measurement and data acquisition system. Check the USB Driver exists on your system. Automatic Driver Installation which is the usual case for most people. BitScope Micro and Oscilloscope Probes. Similarly triggers are independent but they can be interconnected under software control so setup is quick and easy; there are no external cables or connections required to use them. Endpoint 2 MaxPacketSize 64 kernel: The file most likely to cause problems if corrupt is the probe file.

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BitScope Support Board via Trello. BitScope Micro is a powerful real-time mixed domain time and frequency spectrum analyzer too.

It’s a dual channel digital oscilloscope Bootstrapping Raspberry Pi 2 for BitScope. Vertical Offsets and Dual Channel Display. The BitGen module operates independently but can be fully synchronized with signal capture. Simply delete this file if it exists when no application has the device open.

We offer analog probes as optional accessories because you may already have some scope probes handy. Online resources, flexible software and robust hardware for the busiest student labs.


See the driver home page for full details. Alternatively buffer B can be switched to logic capture allowing high speed mixed signal acquisition of up to 9 btiscope or at lower speeds all 10 channels can run concurrently streaming data to a connected PC.

USB Driver for Windows

And of course you can select the mixed signal or logic capture modes to analyze logic state transitions and timing or choose the spectrum analyzer to display waveforms and their spectra together, and all in real-time with display refresh rates as high as 50Hz.

Website hosting outage restored. Select Devices and Printers: BitScope Micro element14 Webinar Review. Check out this page for more about connecting oscilloscope probes with BitScope Micro.

All that’s needed is a two pin header to BNC adapter which can be made for a few dollars using standard off-the-shelf components. Email us at support bitscope. The necessary Linux driver to access USB BitScopes is included as standard with the kernel in all modern distributions.

BitScope PC Oscilloscopes, USB Logic Analyzers and Generators.

It can integrated with third party software. The following pop-up should appear at the bottom right of the desktop.


Analog and digital signal paths can be reconfigured for the task at hand. SmartPOD also biyscope power, ground and control signals for powered mixed signal probes or intelligent processing devices. If you can btiscope but there are still problems: BitScopes are an investment built to last a lifetime too. Whether you’ve used Device Manager or this route you should then see: BitScope Micro and Oscilloscope Probes.

Build a powerful mixed signal workstation with one simple 3D print! First select the Computer Properties: The Global Probe File details There is another globally configurable probe file.

USB BitScopes & Linux

BitScope Micro, now available at Pimoroni! Why the oscilloscope update rate is important. How to assemble and get started using BitScope Blade. When the installation completes you will see: BitScope Documentation Updated Online.