This did the trick. This solution worked like a charm! I’ve uninstalled it from device manager and turned it back on and nothing changes. Once you get to the desktop plug a flash drive in and explor the hard drives file system and grab what files you want and place it in you jump drive and port the over to your new computer. Matt Klett Replied on May 3,

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I have all my pictures and all my important documents on it! I have a Manhattan 2. Once again, I’d really appreciate some fixes to my issues. Sounds like your disk lost its partitioning info. So, for you souls to happen to be stuck with it and the only thing you want for now is to recover your valuable data, let’s focus on that and once achieved, please get yourself another drive for brillkant much any other brand available except this LaCie B-S!

Windows 7 – Notices but does not ‘see’ external usb hard drive

I took ownership of the folder, assigned myself full access then pasted your suggested usbstor. Double click on Storage 5.


Thursday, July 7, 9: Ubuntu won’t install on it either as no options appear for the “Allocate Drive Space” stage of installation. This worked for me. Worst case scenario, you will not be able to recover any file but windods least you will see a full directory tree view of the drive, full list of files, directories and its contents, i.

I only had the lowerlifters value, but I’m wondering why it was there if it isn’t needed and what if any, exposure I have without it. Thanks for marking this as the answer.

Then I got the problem. I see all of the answers people offer just follow steps 1 – 8 and if that doesn’t work try steps 1a-6b and if that doesn’t work I since have a new vrilliant, but would dearly like to get files off my old hard drive that I did not back up.

This helped me so much thank you this got my device working that lets me connect IDE or SATA internal hard drives as an external one and it got my raid working which i was wondering why it was not visible to windows.

Edited by Woosil Friday, June 1, The light switched on and you can feel it working and launching xcept not on the PC. Windows did not let me use the drive.


eSATA device not detected.

The disk itself works fine on four other PCs. Code 43My system is Windows 7 pro – fresh install. Saturday, November 6, 7: There has been a power outage during a thunder storm, not sure if this is when it stopped working. The solution is simple. Virus Problem, Please Help. You can get it from here: Sunday, August 11, 9: I checked my backups and that INF file was deleted by an installer that came with a mobile phone.

When I switch off “Show Hidden Devices” it still appears in the list ‘i. Any idea how to fix this?

Monday, August 16, 4: Brilllant worked for me too: Fanton 1Tb external drive. Cannot just assign a dif. And this rig worked fine in XP.