There is a fairly straight path from the multipurpose tray to the face-up flap for thick papers between gsm and gsm in weight. Original toner is not cheap but readily available as a refill, as are refurbished drums. The non-stick surface ages and will ultimately part from its metal backing. Including drum and toner, without lower tray HL The noticeable difference is that it has an LCD display based control panel.

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If paper is observed to curl excessively when printed it has been stored in damp conditions and will be prone to causing paper jams hl-6150/hl-1670n in the duplex unit.

Typically there is a continual mark down the page, somewhat diffuse in appearance. Transfer rollers brrother part of the toner cartridge. The feed rollers are wearing out; change them.

The HL and N are no longer made although they may be available from brokers and refurbishers. Since people look things up on the web both codes are in use. Introduced in its a bit faster than hl-1650/hl–1670n HL The idea is to give economical printing and environmental benefits by using the OPC drum to it’s full potential instead of disposing of it part used when a toner cartridge has been used up. Some pictures derived from Brother User and Service gl-1650/hl-1670n. The toner and drum have different part codes for different markets with the US code different and shorter to the European code.


Brother HL / HLN

This may be best reached through the front by removing the drum unit, brotjer reached through the face-up tray on the back of the printer. It is an option hl-1650/hl–1670n the HL Error E49 Malfunction of fuser detected by hard wear I think it means hardware.

In conclusion if all you want is an office printer for text applications the HL will still do a good job. Photosensitive drums can get contaminated by glue from pages or envelopes and by finger prints.

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Error E41 Error in communicating with the engine controller. Reprint – Select the Reprint menu. The non-stick surface ages and will ultimately part from its metal backing. Auto-Duplex unit built-in providing automatic double-sided printing for A4, Letter and Legal sized pages. As with most laser printers ordinary plain copy paper should work without trouble.

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LCD display and a set of keys as follows 1. If the fault persists there is a hardware failure that may be given in the error number. Put the tab back to it’s home position or the pages brotheer have vertical stripes.

Press “GO” to clear the data off to print anyway. It is possible for toner to be unevenly distributed in a cartridge so gently shaking the drum assembly might get some more life out of a used cartridge. Move forward and backward through selectable options. Hl-1650//hl-1670n surface coat is fairly soft plastic and can be scored if a foreign object gets into the printer.


Brother recommend cleaning both the corona wire and the printer more generally when changing a drum unit. Memory is likely to be available. These technical pages brotherr not constitute an offer for sale; just our knowledge at the time of writing.

The mark will tend to be a fine black line.

The service manual gives information about the inspection mode, professional menu mode and service menu mode which prints test pages etc. For the memory specification see the section on accessories below. Less than W Standby: A multi-purpose tray for up to sheets.

If it is not set correctly printing will be in the wrong position on the page and paper-jams are more likely to occur. The hot roller is coated in non-stick material to prevent the toner sticking and making marks down the page.