Rudy Toot Too was built by owners with the design based on Jones. Kneelers, Crackers, Flat Bottom and tunnels into a package In the lodge at Clifty Falls State Park on the west edge of town , they have another Miss Madison on display, a much smaller boat, I think from the s or s, with a Crosley engine. The Allison W had two superchargers which the ratio was doubled on for the Scooter Too. This boat was the second class hydro to be powered by a Chevy.

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Under these names it ran Modified. Jimmy Benson Hilton Hyperlube A 3rd owner: It was in storage untilwhen I ran it in Moses Lake, Washington. Blitzkreig F2. Wally Johnston had the boat for a short time in Montanna.

Madison the movie! [Archive] – Boat Racing Facts Forums

I was waiting to see this movie since I heard about it, in Madison. I moved to Florida in the boat has been indoor storage ever since. The other 2 hulls, whereabouts unknown. Boat has aluminum bottom running surfaces.


Thunderboating – A Personal Memoir – Chapter 9

This is copied from Pat Gleason’s Powerboatlist listserve with Don’s permission: The motor is the late Durb Kings injected 4 cylinder Chevrolet. George Wallin William Shockley Fiberglass over wood built by Dave Karelsen, Ed’s brother.

Skitter F class hull built by Rich Hallett in whereabouts unknown. I currently own two Lauterbach ‘s. Thunderboating – A Personal Memoir – Chapter 9.

And neither of these had to do with the Unlimited Class of hydroplane. We were racing in Dayton Ohio, at the Hydro-bowl; seems the year was around Sadly, boat racers have been deprived of real programming for so long I was told by owners son that Keith Black built the engine.

Madison – A Movie Review

Up to then, they had a sponson to sponson race not soon forgotten. Jake was budy to campaign it in the ci class running Studebaker power. Wood work improvement and cosmetic contributions added.

Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum. As the Miss Pegthe boat was most famous setting a competition record, and national championship in with Wild Bill Buntin up. After Bill’s unfortunate accident Alter Ego changed Canadian owners 5 times, however, the damaged to the rudder bracket still remains from Bill’s accident.


The boat is all mahogany frames and stringers, mahogany plywood planked, and then fiberglassed accept the varnished mahogany deck.

The boat was restored in Restored, it will carry Walt’s A number. I know that I succeeded in this regard. Dumpling – Bad Company media sheet. This will be a big project but well worth the time and hdroplane when it is through.

The engine was changed from a Crosley to a Sunbeam Imp in Prior to his death inhe had planned to portray his own father in an earlier version of the script.

Ventnor hydroplane with a Elto power head, original engine, the hull is cedar with mahogany decks.