Windows 7 flash drive issue solution. If one is willing to let go of data, cleaning it up completely will help. I don’t have any tips for you right now, sorry. Maybe something to help you out. Friday, August 13, 9: The flash drives were Brand New out of package. Seems like a stupid glitch for a new OS?

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Tuesday, January 18, 1: I found my drive listed here and changed the drive letter.

Check if your have a similar setup, Windows will attempt to use the next available drive letter and if that is set to a mapped drive drive management is not taking that into consideration.

My thumb drive was not showing in Window’s explorer but would show under the drive management mapped to “H: A solution would be great. The device management console is NEVER “up-to-date” no matter how many times you restart it and the computer so the drive path can never be established.

They could drlve recognized on other Win 7 Enterprise Bit systems except 1 that also did not like the Sadn Disk Cruzers.


ByteStor USB Flash Drives

I love Windows 7 and hope you guys come up with a more tangible solution. If I leave the drive in and watch it, that USB goes through a series of connect and disconnect for 5- bytestog then Windows opens up and asks if I want to open the folder to the drive. Saturday, December 18, 8: Thursday, March 31, 9: This problem obviously hasn’t been addressed yet.

I have Win7 64 bit not sure if that matters and was running into this same issue. I have a windows xp and a linux machine all right next to each other.

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Seems like a stupid glitch for a new OS? Sorry for reviving this old thread, but I didn’ see any real resolution. But unplug it and plug it back in and the machine goes back to no seeing it. Maybe something to help you out.

Windows 7 Flash Drive Problem

No, you should NOT have to reformat the drive on Win7. Check out these links: Sunday, January 10, Tried removing drivers and reinstalling, etc I took it to another Win 7 machine and it recognized the drive right away. Faced the same issue as by northernmaximus. A new issue that came up for me yesterday was I had a Lexar that was recognized right away. Windows 7 IT Clash.


The problem doesn’t appear on my work computer running Windows 7 Enterprise, but on drice personal laptop using Office 07 on the work box IE 9, Windows 7 Home Ultimate. Hope someone finds a way to fix this. A sloution would be nice as i can forsee this become a big issue with more and more students having the same issue.

USB Flash Drives

No USB flash drives can be opened. I have this problem too – my Bytestor USB 2.

Windows 7 flash drive issue solution. Just wondering if that could mean that douring the install on the flshdrv it coulda corrupted the device driver??

Had the same problem and changing drive letter worked for me. Monday, October 25, 2: